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Hi Cathe & crew,

I'm approaching the end of an STS cycle and have appreciated the gains. Cathe always stressed the importance of recovery time both during a workout and a full week off heavy weights between meso-cycles. I've been considering options for follow-up rotations and have been wondering about recovery needs. So, when creating our own rotations, or even doing a Cathe monthly rotation, how often and for how long, should we incorporate a recovery week/period? I note that Cathe usually puts a recovery day or two in her monthly rotations, but don't usually notice a full week. TIA, Deb
Yea, I have notice that on STS Cardio And Strength that like Day 34 to Day 40 or some like that the program wants to rest. But, to me that is like a long tome to rest? What do you do in the mean time??? Can you take a walk?? Or does the program wants you just to rest and don’t do any workout?? Thanks Jen Den

PS. I have thought about doing the STS Cardio and Strength, but when I saw the long week of rest, I couldn’t believe it! Thanks for asking the question!
Great question that I'd love to find an answer to!! I work out most days of the week but lately I've found I'm more sluggish/moody/irritable after a few months of constant training (with my weekly rest day included). I read that taking a full week off isn't a bad thing - taking the time off can help with all these issues and make you more likely to look forward to workouts again by giving your body a break. But I find it SO hard to do! I can manage a few days then start thinking I'm slacking... and start thinking I'm a bit too obsessed if I can't give myself off! Thank you for the question as well! :)
Every fifth week I give myself a week off. A “week off” means:
Light compound weight exercise
Walking or hiking with my dog
Swimming for fun
Painting my dining room/laundry room/kitchen cabinets
Lots of gardening

I’m still moving every day, but I’m letting my muscles rebuild and mostly rest from strain. It also resets my brain. Works well, recommended.
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