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ginny mahaney

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Good morning,

I'd love to get some advice on what workouts to do during the recovery week. I like to do undulating rotations, for example I just finished your 4 week STS undulating rotation and am about to start a recovery week. I see a lot of people on the forum talking about doing metabolic strength workouts during the recovery week, but when I did the various P90X programs a few years ago they mainly focus on stretching and yoga. I also feel like I do need some cardio to burn some calories, but am not sure if I should be doing advanced HIIT during the recover week. So the crux of my question is, should I be incorporating:
Metabolic workouts (such as Afterburn or Athletic Training, or other endurance based workout using weights with high reps)?
HIIT or other advanced cardio workouts?
Low impact, intermediate/steady state cardio only?
Yoga/stretching only?

Thanks for the guidance! I own most of your DVDs so whatever you recommend I'm sure I've got it covered:)



Hi, Ginny! Obviously, I am not Cathe, but I saw that no one has responded to your question ....

I am in the process of completing a STS pyramid rotation which is lasting about 12 months. I've noticed that it simply doesn't matter what I do during my recovery weeks, as long as I listen to my body. If I am feeling energetic, I might do a couple of metabolic workouts or Hiit. If I am feeling a little tired and sore, I will mainly do walking/elliptical and stretching/yoga.. If I am feeling completely wiped out, I do nothing at all for my recovery week. Yes....!!!!

It amuses me that many people go into "panic mode" if they don't exercise at high intensity every single week. Sometimes, your body simply needs a break. I have never experienced weight gain or a loss of muscle strength during my recovery weeks.

So, whether it is a metabolic workout, Hiit training, walking on the treadmill, yoga, or NOTHING at all....listen to your body and do exactly what it is asking for. :)

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