Rebounder for low-impact mods?


Hi all,
I'm considering getting a rebounder to modify some of the higher-impact moves in Cathe's floor workouts (for some plyo moves and the like).

For those of you who do this, do you consider the rebounder adds a lot of value to your workout experience? Do you get as good a workout as if you were doing the moves on the floor? I'm not interested in rebounder workouts per se at the moment, so if I'm going to justify the purchase and storage of another piece of equipment I want to be sure it will be worth it.

Thank you for your thoughts!


I love rebounding and yes I use it also for all high impact moves...I feel I get just as good as a workout, as I really give it my all, when I hop on for those high impact moves.


Hi, I also use a rebounder for all of the high impact moves on Cathe's step workouts, etc. and it totally raises by heart rate nicely. Sometimes I will put on a 4 pound weighted vest to increase my heart rate a little more. I highly recommend using a rebounder for those high impact moves - it saved my knees, hips and back. Some moves you may not be able to totally do it, for example, like split jumps so I just do the length of the rebounder and still get a good workout. Good luck.


Just updating in case anyone else is considering this option - I received my rebounder this week and got to test it out a bit. I haven't yet used it with a Cathe workout, but I have Tabatacise on the menu for next week and I think it will work really really well for that.

This morning I did a 30 minute free workout on YouTube:

I followed this with 20ish minutes of rebounder jogging/aerobics to music, followed by Icy Core 1.

I can't tell you how much I loved this workout! Firstly, the YouTube workout was much harder in the doing than in the watching. I don't have a heart rate monitor, but the rebounder really allowed me to put a lot of energy into the moves without worrying about my joints so I got really good and breathless. The jogging and aerobics was really fun and a nice way to switch off the brain, and of course you all know about Icy Core 1, it was a perfect finish.

What I didn't realise when buying the rebounder, is that it's much like a treadmill/bike/whatever in the gym - it allows you to put in a lot of effort and get a good workout while giving your brain a break from following a step routine or the like. I miss these 'zone out' workouts, so I can definitely see myself using it like I did today at least once a week. I will also get a lot more out of the high-impact Cathe workouts by using it, so it's been a good purchase.

I bought a Fit Bounce Pro Rebounder II, which is a bungee-cord rebounder that folds in half. Unfortunately, it's not in stock at the moment (I have a feeling I got the last one!) and when I purchased, it was £100 less as it was on sale. Where I live (Ireland) this was the easiest bungee rebounder to get, aside from a Bellicon, but I need something that folds so this was the best choice and I'm mostly happy with it. It is as quiet as you'd expect, which is necessary for me to not wake up the rest of the house with my early-morning workouts. However, while it does fold, it is a real job to do it and it requires two people to accomplish a fold. I hope this will loosen up with time - the website says it should but we'll see. In the meantime my husband has to help me. On the flip side, it feels very solid when I'm jumping on it!

I hope this will help anyone else considering a rebounder. Hope everyone is safe and well. :)


We have a Bellicon and love it. The company has various rebounders and periodic sales. You might also look into craigslist. They are sometimes available for very little money and are so well built that years old means nothing. You may have to replace the bungees but that’s really simple.

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