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HELP, how in the heck did they get those bodies? I just got my MFHers yesterday. And OMG they are so fit and looking so fabulous. I try soooo very hard to look like just one of them, lol. But I'm having the hardest time trying to achieve it. Up and down, up and down. I'm starting to think I'm a yo yo or something. the way, I'm 45. Is this my problem? Is it to late for me, should I throw in the tile? Go dig a hole and hide in it <G> Okay, I'm there, feeling kinda disappointed or something. I workout so very hard 5/6x a week.

Is there anyone on this forum other then Cathe, who look/build like someone in MFHers? one question *HOW* did you do it. I lift heavy when doing Cathe's Strength workouts. But, my problem is, I don't cut up easy, like some. I do the protein thing, try to watch what I eat, help!! this is a cry for help. Swim suit season is just around the corner, can I be ready in six week or less?

I am starting a 4 week MIS rotation, just finishing up a 7 week PS rotation, which I've gotten bigger in legs and A$$. Dear Boyfriend is not complaining about that, he loves it. Well, guys sorry for venting, but I got the I can't help it today.

I guess I don't see things as other. People look at me and say you workout don't you. You look so nice and tone. Yeah right! I'm thinking all this cellulite I've in my legs and butt. I guess I'm striving for perfection, huh. Is perfection a realistic thing at my age? And too me the gals in MFH has achieved this, Why can't I?

Those women do look great Laua Mak has legs I would kill for. But alot of those women have been working out for years and alot of them have gymnastic backgrounds,track some kind of athletic foundation before they start competeing. I had a girlfriend that did gymnastics and when we were eight she had a tight,muscular body. I haven't seen her in years but I would imagine unless something drastic has happened to her her body is probably still lean and very toned.

I was never athletic in high school now I wish I had been. We also have to keep in mind the work those ladies put in and the way they eat is just something I don't know that I could do. Some of them work out twice a day and I read something about Amy Fadhli she said she only eats for nutrition not taste. I'm thinking, Not me. It sounds like you look great so we have to be happy with the bodies we have. As hard as it is to do I know. Take care

I agree with Shandra, all those girls have been working out for years and it is their life, they train twice a day and eat very clean, no junk!! I want to look like them - but in my world, I work all day, will have a baby to look after soon, and if I don't work out in the am, there is no time in the pm! so I guess we should be glad with how we look!!
I have the latest edition of Muscle Fitness Hers as well. They are advertising a product called Cutting Gel. The product professes to help reduce body fat. Junk product?
Puhleeez! Look at Cathe! She looks MUCH better than some
of those models in M&F-H.

Some of those ladies also take fat burning supplements
which Cathe does not promote or encourage (someone told me when I was a newbie on this board).

Anyway, if you look at Cathe's very first step workout
video (check it out in the order section, step workout by SNM) you will see and KNOW that you too can achieve the same results.
{don't mean to be rude but back then Cathe was no babe! ;-)}

It's all about proper nutrition, exercise AND Rest!

I should talk! When I started Cathe's workouts (that was,
I think, Feb 1, 2002 or so) Since then I have already lost
1.5 dress size, my posture has improved greatly. I have
seen some definition both in my upper and lower body, and I am stronger i.e. I can do all my cardio routines without quiting.
This was not so before Cathe!

AND...I have stopped taking supplements. I sincerely believe Power Hour made that possible for me. But who cares whether it was S&H or Power Hour as long as I am 'clean' in my training.

As you say, people do notice your hard work. They can tell you are working out so that means you are on your way! Persevere and you too will see similar if not better results! Hard Rock Abs and all!
Shanda, Liza, Seabush & Shaan

You guys are the greatest, really. Thanks so much for replying to my cry. I was there, feeling very disappointed and un-encourage. The gals in the MFHers, I never thought about them working out for years. Or doing other forms of activities. I just assume they decided to compete one day, and follow there dreams.

I have been working out for years too. And I work out pretty darn hard, if I must say so. And, thanks to Cathe, my body has really improved. I'm going to lift my head up and get back on the boat, sorta speak <G>

This time around I'm going to challenge myself for the next six weeks. I am going to eliminate all sugars, chocolate and some breads from my diet and work really hard. My rotation says I'm doing PS Strong Legs & Abs tonight. However, I just may tweak it a little and do PH or maybe cCardio Kicks; I'll see once I get home. Thanks again ;o) ttys

RE: And another thing

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For one thing, those models do photo shoots around competition time when they are at their leanest. Many of them, in order to reach that low level of body fat, have ceased menustrating which is not at all healthy for a woman. Usually, they gain 5 or 10 pounds in the off season when are not doing competitions and photo shoots. They probably still look great but would not be nearly so lean.

I too love how they look but I too love to eat and be somewhat moderate since I have a job, kids, etc. I think I may have some of the genetics to get so ripped ie: I build muscle easily being a mesomorph but damn, the way they have to eat to get there is neither healthy nor fun.

Just my .02.

Kim (who always wants to lose 5 pounds but can get through Body Max and Interval Max on an 8" step and I don't starve myself - ever.)
RE: And another thing

Good point about the timing of the photos. They are at competition weight and many fitness models go to great (and dangerous) lengths to look like that temporarily. Many (not all!) take diuretics and laxatives to squeeze out every last bit of water so they look more cut. They go so low on carbs to lose water weight temporarily that they must feel horrible. And, finally, still photography does wonderful things for many models. As does airbrushing. I'm not saying the women in MF Hers are definitely airbrushed, but you can bet they used the best lighting, lotions/oils to make the skin reflect light better so they look more lean, and any other tricks the industry uses.

I have to imagine these people don't look as perfect in person on a normal day. This is the highlight of many of their careers.

So I try to use it as inspiration, but keep in mind that they do not really look like that. Especially not during the off-season!
I must admit, I tried the Cutting gel, don't waste your money, it did not do a thing for me, but they did give me my money back less the shipping. Lessoned learned - the only way to get fit and have great legs is to workout hard and eat clean! (I can do the working out - it is the eating I have problems with sometimes!)
Missthang (great name!), here's another perspective to consider. Yes, those women are in great shape, but when it comes to magazines, what you see is largely an illusion. I'm an amature graphic artist (as in, no formal training), and even I can shave 15 pounds off a person and make cellulite vanish in less time than it takes to braid my hair. A little quick shading adds muscle definition that doesn't exist in the real world. A swipe of the airbrush tool and-- voila!-- no more wrinkles, no puckers. I was astounded when I started playing with Photoshop and discovered how incredibly easy it is to manipulate photographs.

The point to all this is, don't hold yourself up to standards that aren't even authentic. Focus on simply being the best, strongest *you* possible, and allow your unique beauty and perfection to manifest. We'll never be happy people if we try to live up to impossible, fairytale images.

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You guys are absolutely right!! Thanks so much for enlighten me. And I thought the women in MFHers were all perfect, really. They surely do look like it hm.... It's truly amazing what a camera can do.

I decided to do Strong Legs & Abs last night, yummy!! what a great workout. Even though I'm getting kinda bored with it, just ready for a change. I did decided to continue with SL for one more week, making it an eight week rotation. Then onto MIS for 4 weeks. Have a wonderful day.

I love the articles in Muscle Fitness Hers...

One thing I noticed though is that most of the models have fairly large breasts! Kind of not proportioned with their lean bodies. Did anyone else notice this?

Cathe looks so well proportioned in comparison with some of the models.

Personally I'm really not into the implant idea...although sometimes its tempting!
"Chemical Pink"

I just read this book called "Chemical Pink". It's a weird book, but I couldn't put it down! It's about this bodybuilder and all she goes through (drugs, eating, training, etc) to get to the contest. There's more to the book than that (it does have some graphic sex stuff), but it makes you realize what these women do to get there! The author says that everything in the book has happened in real life.

So their bodies may appear healthy and natural, but in most cases, they are NOT. Plus, a lot of the women are personal trainers so they work out a lot. Some are sponsored too, so they get paid to have that lifestyle.

Don't compare yourself to them- just be healthy!
M&F Hers did an article several months ago on breast implants with brief interviews from fitness models and competitors who did and didn't have implants. Why they chose to have them or not. It was kind of interesting.

As a 32A (on a good day), it was nice to see someone like Lisa Lowe, who's natural, and how great she looks.

This may sound harsh, but I'm glad Weider publications finally came out with a women's fitness mag that's actually worth the paper it's printed on. I stopped reading Shape years ago because I just couldn't stand the "heroine waif" models they kept using. I mean can you have a model demonstrating glute exercises who has absolutely NO glute muscles what so ever!! :-hmmm <end vent>
I didn't notice the breasts, but I noticed that they mostly all have long hair, usually thick. This cover model and the girl in the last issue in the article about how to change up your routine were practically the only two exceptions. But by and large, these models have long hair. I am, admittedly, jealous. It is taking me forever to grow my hair, and it will never be thick. Jeanne
You know...I used to want to have the perfect body too, but then I thought about how much dedication and sacrifice you have to make in order to achieve it. To me, life is a lot more satisfying being strong and in-shape cardiovascularly, but allowing myself to enjoy chicken wings, fries and a pitcher of beer with my husband on occassion. So I don't have a washboard stomach. Who cares? Who would I be trying to impress? My husband? He'd rather I hung out and had a beer with him! I work 40 hours a week, have a 22 month old and don't want to spend more than an hour a day working out. As long as I can keep up with my daughter, lift things without hurting myself and not get winded when hiking in the woods - I'm one happy camper.

If your livelihood depends on the body that some of these women have, then that's different. It's your job to look work out like mad. My job is to make sure our payroll system works and that my daughter and husband get the love and attention they need.

Don't focus too much on how other people look. Some woman can get bulked, and some can't. It's genetic.

I'm sure you look beautiful, so be happy!

That is so funny about Shape--I've always thought the same thing! They also constantly get letters from readers about waif models, but then they continue to use super models on their cover and in the magazines. There are some useful bits of info in Shape but the models are just all wrong. I know why though: most people find those thin models more aesthetically pleasing than a "normal" sized woman.

Almost all true fitness models that I've seen have implants. Their body fat is so (unnaturally) low that their breasts get really small. I too am happy when I see a woman like Cathe or a fitness model that still looks normal and natural. It's a rare sight!
RE: "Chemical Pink"

I read that book last year. It made me realize what a twisted lifestyle these bodybuilders live. They go to extremes to achieve the look. To me, it is not worth my health. I try the best I can, and I think I am doing a pretty good job. Believe in yourself, and anything is possible. Don't compare yourself to anyone but yourself!

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