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Has anyone tried Garden of Life's Raw Meal? I received some info on it and it sounds great but is expensive so I'm hesitant to get it without reviews. Does anyone use this or have tried it?
I do use it despite the price - usually wait for the 10% off day at the health food store. I don't get any GI symptoms like bloating with it. It does seem to be a bit more "powdery" than others so you have to be careful scooping it or it flies all over your counter. But once mixed it's great and results in a slightly thicker smoothie when I'm adding my other "green" ingredients. But it tastes great by itself as well.
I use it too. I buy from Swansonvitamins.com. Right now I'm mixing one their greens energy powders with Marley coffee protein and only use half a scoop of the protein. I use half scoops of Vega protein too. I'd like to tell you that the cacao greens energy powder and the coffee protein powder make a delicious cafe mocha drink but I'd be lying. But I don't mind chugging one after my workout or for breakie.
Do tell, more information, PLEASE!! I have to chug my greens powder first thing in the morning before I'm fully conscious. Kinda like choking down swamp water. It's that bad. (It does give me energy, though)
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I tried it and liked it but I also really like SunWarrior's "Warrior Blend" of raw vegan protein. It's a great product and not as expensive (2.2 lbs for under $40). I love it in my breakfast smoothie. 100% organic and low-heat and minimally processed.

As for Whey protein recently I've been turned on to Protein 17 Organic Whey from grass fed cows and is also minimally processed. I find it to be expensive but great mixed in with my dried fruit and nut bars. I bet it also will be great with juice or Kombucha or even water but haven't tired mixing it with those yet. Note: the actual company sells it (1 lb) for about $40 with tax/shipping but on Amazon I've seen it for over $25 more -- so beware of that!
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Desert, I'm guessing your greens powder is mostly Spirulina. Healthy but it's tough for me to swallow, too. The Perfect Food RAW greens I bought was impulse and doesn't taste bad at all. I am sure there are swampier, more healthful greens.
I've never tried Raw Meal, but if you are open to suggestions, my favorite "greens in a glass" brand is Amazing Grass chocolate, added to a protein powder smoothie or a regular fruit/veggie smoothie. It tastes the best of all the different kinds I have tried. The biggest drawback is that it is so expensive that I can't justify using it every day.

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