Raw for 30

Good Evening!:)

Hello! Good info on the food combinations, and interesting, as well. Thanks for all the info. I can understand why someone wouldn't want to eat meat and would want to be a vegan. I think it's why the Native Americans always said a prayer over any game that they killed, and why they insured that they used every part of the animal that they had killed for food.

Like I said, I had tried doing the all fruit and veggies diet -- and I think it's a good diet, but I had the blood sugar problem, and so I went to raw -- actually started eating raw because of my brother-in-law who got cancer and an all raw diet is one that is good for helping that heal -- but it's an all raw diet that includes animal products, as well as raw milk products...so...

I've done pretty well today, with an egg and raw cream for breakfast and raw cheese and raw/fermented fruit for lunch and raw cheese, butter, egg and cooked starch (Ezekiel for the full protein) and an all raw salad.

Has anyone here ever had the kombucha drink? That's a fermented drink full of good enzymes and such.

Have a super evening!:7
I was really busy so I had no time to post. I went out to eat with family and then saw Bee Movie. Dinner was good, new restaurant. I had a green salad and then a vegetable plate.

Today was pretty busy as well. I did not have work this morning or exercise so I got to sleep in. Then, I did some clothes shopping at the mall. Nice day! I was tempted to eat some mall food, but I resisted!
I ate more nuts on Sunday and was really sleepy again. I am guessing that my cravings are due to boredom, but that will change pretty soon (I am very busy with work for Thanksgiving).

Yesterday wasn't any better. I refrained from any nuts, but I had chocolate instead!!!! Grrrr....oh well. As a result, I am cutting out all fats for the next week. Hope all is well with you guys!
Sorry I've been "absent" for a few days -- I got so busy with work that I haven't had any time to post!

I've been pretty good, but forgot that I had a vegan potluck event on Saturday. There were plenty of raw dishes and I am very proud of myself that I didn't veer too far off track - but there was vegan pumpkin pie, and pumpkin pie is my Achilles heel. Or Achilles pie. So I tried a tiny piece. And it was really good. I got the recipe and I think I'll make it at some point during the holidays. If anyone has been looking for the world's most perfect vegan pumpkin pie recipe, let me know and I will gladly share! It's definitely "I can't believe it's vegan" quality.

In the raw foods department, I've developed a really excellent pumpkin smoothie recipe. (I think I might be a little obsessed with pumpkins lately).

I got a small "Sweetie Pie" pumpkin at the farmer's market and cut it into cubes. I will admit that it would be a heck of a lot easier to use canned pumpkin puree (not raw) or to make your own non-raw puree. Peeling, seeding, and cubing a raw pumpkin...not fun. I dehydrated the cubes a little to soften them up. Then I stuck them in a food processor until they were a pretty consistent texture.

I blended about 1/2 cup of my pumpkin puree (again, you could totally use canned organic pumpkin if you don't mind being non-raw), a handful or two of frozen mango cubes, raw almond milk, vanilla, and pumpkin pie spices (including some crystallized ginger), with a little agave nectar for sweetness. Super! A nice alternative to my usual giant blue smoothie.

I've been packing ginormous salads to take to work...I really like them because they take a long time to eat, so I don't end up snacking out of boredom or just because someone brought something to share.

I've also become a complete junkie for the sugar snap peas.

Wow, that salad sounds awesome! Thanks, Dee. Sorry I have been gone so long. Things have been crazy with work and school and now the Holiday Season. I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!
Hey guys! The 30 days are up. Overall, I did pretty well. I wasn't raw the whole time, but I learned a lot. Anyway, I am now doing 100% raw and still posting on my blog. Thanks for doing this along with me, Dee. I hope you had fun!:D

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