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@112toGuru: I sent you a message. I am just starting my 6th week, out of 12 weeks.

I would love an STS + Body Beast rotation. Not quite sure how that would work, but those two series I get the most in muscle gains.

I would also love a rotation with Edge Booty Extreme 2. In fact, I think I am going to come up with that next, not sure what I would supplement it with. I just came across EBE2 and like it, however, it seems to be a bit lacking (for me) and I would want to supplement with more strength - maybe some Cathe MWT or Circuit work? Something with weights, but not a full on heavy lifting workout.
Haven't done but do have RwH series, circuits? I did P90x3 with Strong & Sweaty, that was good. P90X3 might be a little light for you, but Strong & Sweaty might be just right. Couple of favorites from your list?


On another note...I am so glad Cathe still offers DVDs. The above listed Beach Body Liift4 series is streaming only and that disappoints me since it just isn't an option currently.
That's the one problem with Beachbody now, no more dvds. Loved Liift4, but now I have to renew if I want to do.


When you follow a rotation, do you do the exact dvd that Cathe lists? I have her Live and I love it, so I was wondering can I fill in a different workout but keep the same type of workout? Does that make sense?

Also, do you ever change the order of the workouts?
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For me, I get results when I do the one rep max tests and follow the recommended weights. That's the biggest key for results for me. I often choose workouts as I go, because I can listen to my body and know what will challenge me. I love Cathe's STS rotations, and X-train. I am doing STS 3 ½ month rotation, adding cardio as I go. This way I am making the cardio more challenging for me, bringing in more HIIT. I plan on X-train and Low Impact rotation over the summer months.


I think I'm going to try ICE/XTRAIN rotation. I might change some of the workouts like ICE Bootcamp. I didn't like that as much as the S&S Bootcamp so I think I might sub that.

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