Question for FitnessFreak


Hate to post yet another question for you but wanted to make sure you got it.......OK....I am doing your Circuit/Endurance rotation that you posted for someone else. But, I need some fat burning.

What would you suggest to sub for, Hardcore Interval Circuit, Step Fit and The Guantlet? I have just about everything else. Well, I didn't have The Viper and I subbed LIC. Hope that was OK.,

When you have a chance, let me know. Thanks in advance.

Any circuit workout will suffice for HIC or The Gauntlet, such as Circuit Max, Drill Max, High Step Challenge or High Step Training, Low Impact Circuit. Any cardio workout will suffice for Step Fit such as Step Blast, Rhythmic Step, Cardio Kicks, Kick, Punch & Crunch.


Thank you dear!!!! I kinda thought so, but wanted to hear it from the all knowing "fitness guru". Thanks again! And I am really enjoying the rotation, even though it is kicking my butt!!!! I was really tired this morning but I managed to push through Power hour.

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