Question for Cathletes: Which is the best streaming device for on demand?

Hi All! I've been using Cathe On demand on a 2nd generation fire stick and an old roku LT. Both devices are glitchy and have synching problems with certain files. I was wondering if any of you had recommendations for devices that work better. I am willing to upgrade, but don't want to bite the bullet until I can get an educated opinion from you all. Thanks in advance!


I have used On Demand with a laptop using an hdmi cord to my TV, with my ipad and an adapter, and with my Android phone, which can screencast to my TV. All three of these methods work well, and didn't cost me very much money because I already owned them.

If you already own a device like one of these you might be able to stream to your TV pretty easily without having to spend too much money. HDMI cords are cheap, and the apple adapter, which works with any iphone or ipad with a lightning connector, was $50 for the Apple brand (Amazon sells generic ones for $20). The phone and the TV were already able to screencast and I didn't have to buy anything else to make it work.


I use to use a laptop with HDMI cable and that was fine. But I recently bought a Fire TV and really like it better than my laptop. I have 2 other Firesticks and they work great as well. I like it better than the laptop esp. for Cathe Live.

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