Question about using an EZ curl bar and a straight bar to keep up?


I saw in a post by Regina that she used 2 bars (an EZ curl bar and a straight bar) so that she could keep her rest period down to 30 seconds. Is it OK to do this or does it change the focus of the exercize? For example, would an EZ curl bar hit the bicep in a different way than a straight bar doing a curl?
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I would like to know the answer to this, too, as it would sure save setup some setup time. I wonder if you would be more likely to get an answer on the STS board?


E-Z Bar vs Straight bar

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I use both bars but I tend to use the straight bar more. See below for an articles that I found on the topic of e- z bar versus straight bar. I hope that this helps.


For years, bodybuilders have debated the effectiveness of the straight bar versus the EX-curl (bent or cambered) bar when it comes to training biceps. There are pros and cons of each version of the barbell curl. Let's check out both movements, as well as a few warnings.

Advantages Of The Straight Bar

If you go to the gym, you know that you'll always be able to fin a straight bar. EZ bars, however, are often more scarce when you really need one. Additionally, if you're stocking up a home gym, using an EZ-curl bar means you need to purchase an extra piece of equipment. When using heavier weights, the long bar is easier to grip. For standard standing biceps curls, it's a classic.

Advantage Of The EZ Curl Bar

This version is much easier on the wrists than the straight bar. When completing "21s" or some other high-repetition variant of curls, an EZ-curl bar is essential. If you have smaller hands, as is the case with many of the skinny guys who enter the sport, you may prefer the EZ-curl bar. Gripping the bar shouldn't be your point of failure - that should occur when the biceps muscles can work no further.

What Do The Pros Use?

Most professional bodybuilders, when observed in their own training videos, prefer the use of the EX-curl bar to the straight bar. The more hardcore types - such as Ronnie Coleman and Branch Warren - are often seen with the straight bar. Other professionals, who sometimes rely on machines as much as free weights, tend to gravitate toward the EZ curl bar. Perhaps it's injury prevention, or perhaps its just a comfort level issue. However, if they have been training for 20+ years and they select the EZ curl bar, there might be some wisdom to their actions.

Solution: A Combination

In the end, you'll probably find some combination of 60/40 EZ/straight to be your best solution. You want to continually challenge the biceps to grow, and various angles certainly do that. Every bodybuilder has a different set of hands, biceps, experiences, injuries, and joint configurations, meaning no two curl experiences will ever be the same. At the very least, you owe it to yourself to try each of the bars before making an evaluation. You may prefer the businesslike nature of the straight bar. Or you may prefer the biceps peak stimulation you receive from the EZ-curl bar. But you should at the very least try, and if you can tolerate them, use, both methods!


Keep an eye out for any soreness in the elbow, or more likely, outer wrist region in the days following curls with the straight bar. Many bodybuilders develop carpal tunnel syndrome, or simple tendonitis, from using the straight bars. For this reason, many personal trainers advise against its use from day one. If you're not comfortable with it, that's entirely acceptable. However you may find it is useful for adding inches to your arms, in which case you should employ both!

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I have a shorter straight bar at home (from the Firm), but back when I went to the gym, I preferred the EZ curl bar. I personally prefer the more natural hand position and found I could lift more with the EZ curl. I also felt like it hit my biceps more directly than the straight bar did. But like I said, at home I have a straight bar. If I have to move up to a new set of weight at any point, I'll have to consider my options, as you can't do legs with an EZ curl bar. Hmmm.


The EZ bar will work the bicep differently depending on where you place your hands. That's one of many things I love about it. So if you place your hands on the inside of the "W", kind of tilted inward, it works the outer part of your biceps more (remember you have only 2 muscles here so you're just working them differently). If on the outside of the "W", tilted away, you target inner bis more.

I use straight bar & EZ bar. I use straight bar for regular bicep curls & I use the cheating principle w/this exercise. I go heavier than I can handle, it's my muscle building exercise. I use the EZ bar for preachers curls.

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