Question about today's workout


Hi everyone. I posted a similar question in the Ask Cathe section when this rotation first came out, but I never got a response. I'm hoping someone here is doing the October rotation and can give me an opinion. I know this is going to be an obvious-sounding question, but I have to ask. For today we are supposed to do 4DS Kickbox in its entirety. Tomorrow is 4DS Bootcamp cardio only. My question is: 4DS Kickbox also includes heavy weights for legs and core. I guess I'm confused as to whether to do the heavy weights for legs since we just did Meso One legs on Tuesday. We don't normally do weights on a same body part twice in one week which is why I'm asking. Is everyone else doing the entire 4DS Kickbox today, including the weights for legs, or just the kickbox and core? Thanks for any and all opinions/suggestions.
Yes it's ok to do legs twice in one week. Just as long as you give a day (I recommend at least 2) between w/o. Cathe has lots of rotations that work the legs twice in one week. Both Meso 1 legs and 4ds KB legs are more enduranced based and so don't use really heavy weights. Do what you can and have fun!
Thanks so much. I guess I have STS in my head too much and thought I was doing wrong by working legs twice!

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