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Hi Cathe,

First, I LOVE the new workouts!!! I've been on a real "heavy-lifting kick" lately and thought that High Reps might be a little low-key for me. Boy, was I mistaken!! You're right - I kept running to lower my weights. I love how it works the muscles in a different way, especially after doing several weeks of slow and heavy.

Second, I think the music is amazing!! In fact, I was previewing the dvds on our laptop (with earphones on) and my husband kept laughing at me because I was constantly bopping my head without realizing it. :) I love the "revamped" versions of familiar tunes. They're great!

Finally, my question is about met calculations. I'm wondering if I use an 8-inch step (which I always do), should I up the mets in workout manager? For example, I did the step portion of Intensity tonight (after doing IMAX 3 - it was not pretty!) and had a hard time believing I was only workikng at 7 mets, as per workout manager. (Maybe I was just super fatigued in general!!)Just wanted to get your insight. In fact, should I always up the mets on workout manager when using a higher step?


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Met values

The values we use use for Mets for our workouts are just rough guesses based on the Mets compendium table. I'm sure many of the Met values we list for our workouts need to be adjusted and factors like step height and effort will play a big role in what truly is the correct Met value. Also, since we don't know how intense the workouts that were tested for the Mets Compendium actually were it's difficult to accurately give an exact Met value for our workouts. In other words there is a very high degree of error in our Met values, but they should give at least a rough idea of the calories burned in our workouts.


Intensity is harder than Hiit workouts!

I believe the Met value for one of the Hiit workouts is 10, while the Met value for the new Intensity is only 7. That doesn't seem right to me! I feel like I'm working just as hard in the Intensity workout as the Hiit workouts. Athletic Step is 7 also. I work harder in Intensity than Athletic Step, so it seems the Met value should be higher. I have to keep stopping and resting during Intensity, more so than Athletic Step. That's my gauge! Intensity has gotta be 8 or 9 Met value! ;)


Thanks Klewis for asking and SNM for answering the METS value question.

The 7.0 given for Intensity and Cardio Core Circuit bothered me and I always thought it was too low. Now I know I'm right. :)

Have a great day!


METS feel off to me too

I totally agree! Some seem too high; others too low.

I did Cardio Core Circuit today - killer! I'd give it an 8 at least. No way does it feel like only a 7 to me. That 4th round is brutal. It was nice to read that someone else felt the same way!

I did MMA Fusion a few days ago; no way is that a 7.5. I think it's more like 6.

And MMA Boxing? No way is that a 7.5. Much lower, imho.

I agree with HIIT being a 10! Does anyone else think Pyramid is easier than 40/20?

I'd give Intensity an 8, not a 7.

A long time ago, wasn't there a post of a survey of what people subjectively rated the videos? I think Catheites have a pretty good sense of this.


Workout Manager

According to the workout manager, 30-30 has a met value of 9, while 40-20 and Pyramid both have a met value of 10. So 30-30 is supposed to be easier. I actually think pyramid is the easiest (and my favorite) - you actually get two 60-second rests during the workout!:)

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