Question about how to schedule weights workouts.

Hi Cathe. Firstly, let me say thank you. I've worked out since I was sixteen but since I found you a few years ago, I do your DVDs almost exclusively and I'm about a thousand times more fit than I was after years and years of exercising. Now in my mid-thirties, I feel unbelievably strong and healthy and fit. You've changed my life and that is no overestimation. You're a huge part of my life and entirely responsible for my high fitness level. So thank you very much indeed! You're my hero!

I've begun doing heavier weights thanks to you. But I'm not entirely sure how often I should be doing weights/strength workouts or what kind of variation I should do.

I work out seven days a week (making sure to do yoga at least once and doing a variety of types of workouts so I'm not overtraining). I tend to work out according to how I feel since I figure my body is probably best at knowing what it can handle on a given day but I do try to make sure I don't neglect any one type of workout (so I think, I haven't done weights since last week, I'd best do a couple of strengthening workouts in the next few days).

My goal is to increase and maintain strength but I'm not out to become an Ironwoman or bodybuilder. I also don't have the budget or space to get too much stuff.

-So how many times per week (or two week cycle) is a good way to maintain strength?
-How often do I do heavy weights vs. endurance/high rep workouts vs. non-weighted strength workouts?
-How important is it to work on or rest the same muscle group (e.g. do I do rotate through various muscle groups in a given week or do I work on one repeatedly and then move onto another, like one week do Bi/Tris repeatedly and another week do Chest/Back repeatedly, and so on)?
-Is there an optimal ratio for cardio and resistance training?

In case it's remotely helpful, here are the DVDs listed under 'strengthening' on the website that I currently have:
Slow & Heavy
All of X-TRAIN
Butts & Gutts
High Reps
Lower Body Blast
Travel Fit
Boot Camp & Muscle Endurance
Kick Punch Crunch & Legs and Glutes
Supersets & Push/Pull
All new current Pre-Orders
(My x-mas wishlist includes the three Gym Styles, Pyramid, and Pure Strength DVDs)
I also have Turbo Barre (which I'd consider strengthening).
And I also have every single non-step-focused workout you have made which, as you know, often include some strengthening portions.

Thank you very much for your time!
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Have you checked out the Rotations section? She has alot of past rotations posted for strength ideas. If you dont have the particular dvd just sub in the one you have that works the same body part

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