Question about Cathe Live

I am looking at purchasing Cathe live but don't understand the 3 programs that come with it. It says you get the group classes, but what are the Cathe one on one and nutrition and fitness. I am interested in both of those but don't see anything mentioned after that. Any insight is appreciated.

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Cathe Live Programming

We haven't started the One on One classes yet, but soon will. We started from ground zero a few weeks ago with no videos and now how four. Almost every week we're adding a new class.

Our current Cathe Live videos are all group classes that are filmed and broadcast live from our main aerobics room. We have a total of six cameras of which two are operated by mobile camera operators that will make you feel as if you're right in the room with Cathe.

Cathe One and One classes will usually feature just Cathe and will cover a wide variety of workouts. Most One on One classes will be filmed in our studio, but several will be filmed throughout our Gym and even outside.

With One on One workouts Cathe can focus on just the the home exerciser, while a Gym class she has to focus on the class participants and the home exerciser. One on One classes will also normally be shorter than the group classes, but this will not always be the case.

The third set of programming will be educational videos that we film on a variety of topics. This is still several months away from launching.

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