Q about cosmetic tattooing?


Has anyone here done it???? Were you happy with the results? Does it look natural?

To make a long story short, during my teen years, I was overzealous with my tweezers (thin brows were in ok, to defend myself. Still, it was HORRIBLE). On both my eyebrows, I have sections in which the hairs NEVER grew back. I have been filling them in with pencil & brow make-up for the past 13 years now. I am ready to stop doing that. It just seems worth it to get the sparse area's cosmetically tattooed.

I am not afraid of the pain. I have 2 regular tattoo's and know what it feels like. Just to get it on my face, kinda freaks me out. If it looks bad, it's not like I can hide it.

Advice would be appreciated!

Heh, I'm personally toying with this myself. Same story - overzealous plucking in teen years to follow the trend!

My SIL has had it done with great results, my mom's and MIL's so-so, the girl at my facial place's results are not impressive.

My SIL looked for a tatoo-er for a while before she found one (she admired someone's brows and asked if they were tatooed). Hers looks very natural, however, she also got eyeliner tatooed and I do not like that harsh look at all.

My MIL and mom's are fading to an unnatural looking greyish black (had them done in their 50s, now in their 70s) so I'm concerned about the longevity.

The girl at my facial place - I do not like the shape she chose which scares me. Because it cannot be undone, right? It also looks very unnatural.

For now I've made the decision not to do it - i'm happy filling my brows in with my brow powder.

(I spoke to another woman waiting for our facials - she says her 80 year-old mother still draws in her eyebrows and they look terrible, lol.)
I have an number of tattoos (in the process of having part of one removed now) and I can say I would never do this. Like you said, it's permanent and it's on your face. There are so many cosmetic products out there, I just can't see the risk being worth it in this case.
Thanks for the advice. To be more precise, I would not be doing my entire brows (removing all the brows and having them tattooed in), just 2 sections which are ENTIRELY EMPTY. My focus is for the brows to appear more natural as sometimes pencil/brow make-up can look a bit harsh when done incorrectly. Just wanted to know if there were positive experiences with this. I am merely curious :). I am probably more likely to spend the rest of my life filling them in. It can just be a pain in the butt, I hate having to "do" my brows. I just want to put on a fresh, natural face and leave the house without fuss.
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