Pyramid Pump upper body only premix


Just did this one and loved it. I like it better than the original mostly because I love doing upper body on the ball and the first one seems a little to long for me. After having 2 shoulder surgeries, I don't like my upper body workout to be too long. I thought Cathe was crazy going to light but I thought for my 1st time with it, I would match her weights. I did for back & chest but decided to up it for tri's because it seemed to easy. By shoulders and bi's I was back to Cathe's weight. My arms are still quivering!!! Thanks for another winner. Can't wait to try PP Lower body later this week.


Did this one yesterday , really enjoyed it !
I will adjust my weights as Cathe reminds us to, but yowsa on a some exercises stay the same. For shoulders and triceps the weighted gloves will come in handy, and a 6 or 7 pound dumbbell which I used to own before my moves.
The length was perfect for me yesterday and I have to say I really enjoyed the music :) and my biceps are talking to me !


I will be doing this one tonite because my lower body is FRIED after Stacked Sets Lower Body. I will be mindful of the comments about being cautious with the weight selection...sometimes I just get carried away and think I am a Superhero....oh my poor quads (whimper whimper ;)).


This is on my schedule for today. I was supposed to be doing the whole thing but after SS LB and RR, my lower body needs a break so I'm just doing the UB premix. I will certainly be cautious after reading this.


Lite Pyramid Up Premix for upper body. I’m definitely intermediate for upper body and felt a nice challenge using the same weights. Love the premixes so I don’t have to do as many repetitions. Another perfect one to add to my weight workouts .


Did this workout yesterday and my triceps and shoulders didn't want to get out of the bed this morning. I used the same amount of weight as Cathe. Loving this series. :)


I did this for the second time yesterday and went up in weight for all but biceps and shoulders. A good solid upper body workout that moves quickly.

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