Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder = Awesome

Hi girls! Just thought I would pass along a new food find that I am loving. I eat a lot of raw veggies and fruit and tons of green smoothies. I was looking for a way to add protein. However, most protein powders are filled with cr@p!!! I have used hemp protein in the past but stumbled upon Pumpkin Seed protein powder. It has almost 10 grams of protein and is very low carb and low fat. Anyways I really cannot taste it in my smoothies or even when I mix it n oatmeal. Only 55 calories per serving too. A great protein source for vegans or even non-vegans. I purchased mine on amazon.

Since my hubby and I are avid backpackers we make our own bars. I am definitely going to add this protein powder to my bar recipe!!!

Have a great day!!!


Thanks Backpackingmom! I am going to look for it at our local health food stores. Is there anything in it besides pumpkin seeds? I want to make bars for hikes and long bike rides this year and I think this will be good ingredient to include.

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