Prolapse surgery recovered- now what?? What would be a good place to start?


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Hello Cathe Nation!!! I recovered from prolapse of the uterus, bladder and rectum 3 years ago, but my doctor gave me a well, you'll never work out again, in passing prognosis and I am stuck with not taking that as an answer. I am menopausal and have put on more than 30 pounds since the surgery. I know I should stay away from lunges, squats and core work, but surely there is something I can do?? Anyone been through a similar surgery and can help this menopausal, overweight and slightly depressed 50 something? I have LOVED Cathe workouts for years and watched and worked out daily when I had fit tv. She truly inspires- regardless, thanks Cathe Nation for always helping me keep my chin up and aiming to be more fit! Keep grinding!! Never stop!

I'm so sorry for what all you've been through. First, have you sought a second opinion about exercise or consulted with a physical therapist about exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and what exercise you can do in general? I'm not buying that "you can't ever exercise again" thing. For a few months, I did a workout called P.volve while trying to rehab from a knee injury and there are several series devoted to menopausal fitness and pelvic floor strengthening. Can you gradually ease back into lifting for the upper body? When I was dealing with my knee injury, "To The Mat: Legs & Glutes" from the ICE series was my go to workout for the lower body because I could still get a lower body burn without standing, but I'd still lift heavy for the upper body. I'm still easing back into things with my knee so I'm certainly not at full speed yet. Then add to that spraining my foot when my dog and my neighbor's dog ran into my lower leg and I rolled my foot. The past 5 months have been rehabbing for me. I haven't even attempted using my step or doing anything remotely high impact. I know I'd give anything if I have my elliptical machine back right now. Could you do the elliptical? I know I've been trying to modify Cathe's workouts so I don't risk aggravating my knee. Slide and Glide Double Trouble premix has been a go to cardio for me because I do high intensity cardio with virtually no impact. I hope you get back into exercise safely!
Thanks so much for the reply- I am currently awaiting a doctors visit ( they are so far behind that booking is WAAAYY into the new year- so sad about that). I am working with a physical therapist and am slowly getting back into lifting (that avoids engaging the pelvic floor- it's amazing that so many exercises engage your pelvic floor- who knew?). I am able to do some bicep and tri cep work- seated helps, as well as some back exercises. i can do some ismetric leg work with light bands- Thanks so much for your reply- I was hoping to see if anyone else on the forum had prolapse surgery. I also have had many knee surgeries, shoulder surgeries and back issue ( was a firefighter for over 25 years and that does a number on your body). I hope you heal quickly ( and I hope the dogs learn to play nice and avoid you in the future :)
Thanks again for the encouragement and well wishes!

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