Progress - NOT Perfection! (weight-loss//1 year later)


Hi Fellow Cathletes!

So, here I am...a year after my first discovery of Cathe! I have changed so much as a person after discovering Cathe's workouts. I am so happy I found them and will be eternally grateful for the changes that have come about as a result.

I haven't been very active on these boards for the last six months or so but graduating from college w/ my BS and working a lot of overtime and preparing for grad school have all kidnapped my time. I am looking forward to a calmer year, more consistent workouts, more focus on nutrious food, and more of a focus on getting better, faster, and stronger.

I started out last December w/ Cathe weighing over 180 lbs. I am 5'5 and have a medium frame. I didn't fit in ANY of my clothes and I was really upset over my weight.

Now, I am weighing in at 165 lbs. Now, that isn't a huge loss, and I still have progress to make - but I have made AMAZING changes. I have switched to a mostly-organic diet. When I fell off of that wagon, I posted here and got amazing help from you ladies! And guys...I think there are a few of you too! :D

I've also changed my mindset to not focus so much on the scale but on the actual changes - how I feel, how much energy I have, my cravings, how my clothes FIT, what I think when I look in the mirror? Do I feel beautiful? Fit? Strong? Healthy? Sexy? and the answer is YES!! I DO!! I feel all of those things and I owe it all to Cathe and to these forums.

I also am now "someone who works out" which I NEVER thought I would be. I enjoy and look forward to my workouts. I've also honed my "workout style" and know what works for me and what doesn't. I've discovered other amazing instructors and systems like Horizontal Conditioning - a PERFECt compliment to Cathe's workouts.

I've also made friends on this board. People I think about and care about.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped me and continues to help me on my journey!! 2013 was a whirlwind and very fast-paced for me. 2014 will be a year that is a little slower-paced and allows for more of a focus on my health and fitness. I am soooo EXCITED to spend the next 12/13 months with all of you (sorry, I know the year isn't quite over, not trying to rush it, lol!)

SO A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!! For your help with my journey where I am proud to say I've made a TON of progress and made some long-lasting, honest-to-God LIFESTYLE CHANGES!! :):)
Good for you!! Getting fit seems to be a fight sometimes and falling off the wagon is easy! Stay strong and keep fighting. I find my workouts extremely therapuetic for lifes troubles and stressors. Especially kickbox so i have a reason to punch, kick and jab! I've always said that one has to take baby steps when trying to create lifestyle changes. That way it doesn't seem like a major change which can be uncomfortable. I have gotten so used to working out that it doesn't matter what holiday it is or what's going on in this crazy world.....I make time for myself and my health by working out. The ambition sometimes wanes...but once I get going, I am a warrior...Cathe told me so! And when I am a sweaty mess and the workout is finished I feel awesome. A real sense of accomplishment. That's how I hope you feel with the gains you have made. Don't lose your enthusiasm or passion! Many congrats!
Thank you TLC! That is exactly how I feel! Everything I have done has been small, teeny, incremental changes. But over 12 months it really adds up, and then over the next 12 months even more changes will add up. I think it is better to take 2-3 years to finally get to your "happy place" in terms of your fitness, health, nutrition, etc...and to have the journey be enjoyable and PERMANENT, than to spend 30 or 90 days going crazy with all these hellacious 180* changes that are overwhelming, stressful, etc. Thanks for the positivie words! <3
Awesome Candiceena! Congratulations!! Those baby steps are so important for making the change last and become a permanent part of your habits and routines. In the past, whenever I tried to make a huge change in my fitness or nutrition I inevitably fell off the wagon and it would only last a few weeks! Once I decided to make teeny tiny changes...I would make a small change to my diet or give myself a small goal with my fitness endeavors and routines...they would slowly become incorporated into my lifestyle so that now I can't imagine living my life any other way! Hurray for baby steps! :eek: :D May 2014 include more progress and small changes made permanent for you! :D

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