Progress, not Perfection - Month #1 of our 6 month plan !!


Our group mantra is "Progress, not Perfection"

We strive to eat healthy foods (non-processed as much as possible), do our workouts on a regular basis and drink 64 oz of water daily.

However, we know that we won't do it perfectly every day. Life gets in the way - work, school, family, injuries, stress and those days when we just plain struggle.

So we don't beat ourselves up if we don't do it perfectly. We work hard to do what we have set out to do, but we look at the long term progress we are making and forgive ourselves and support each other if we stumble along the way. The only thing that matters is that we are making progress in the right direction !!!

We also cheer each other on with our successes. Success for one is inspiration for all.

So here's to continued success my friends - Deanna, Stacy, FnV.

We CAN do this. We ARE doing this !!!

Water, Just Do It (exercise), STOP IT (reaching for junk food)

Today is Day 1 of Month # 1 of our new 6 month dedication to healthy living.

We each have individual goals for our progress in the next 6 months, but regardless of what the individual goals are, our team goal is to have fun and support each other along the way.

So... as Cathe would say.... let's get started !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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