Today I did XTrain Chest, Back, Shoulders. I actually worked up a sweat. I need to do more weight training, but geez who has the time! It's hard to fit it all in...cardio, yoga, strength, sleep, eat, work....

I did back down a bit on the weight I used for a few exercises as it's been awhile since I did some hard core lifting, ie. was using 25 lb dumbells for chest presses, this time used 20s, so still not all that bad. I still struggle with whether it is best for my age, weight loss goals to do more cardio or do more strength.

Diet today was really good, actually ate a bit below my WW points today :)


This morning I challenged myself with 30/30 HiiT. oh my goodness I have never almost puked from a workout but had to stop three times not to puke this morning! I've had that dvd for a long time but i've been so afraid of it! i'm really glad i gave it a shot. great workout and it may not get easier but I will get better at it! i did finish! now a shower and off to work. Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Andrea, good job on taking the HiiT challenge, especially before the crack of dawn! I always save those types of workouts for the weekends after I've gotten a good night's sleep and then a good breakfast! I havent yet attempted 40/20 because I heard that was harder! I havent done 30/30 in awhile, but I like that it's short at least! I think the HiiT workout in the XTrain series is much more doable. So far I think Tabatacize almost makes HiiT 30/30 seem easy!!

I am not a runner, but part of me wants to be able to run a 5K some day. I printed off some training schedules I found online and today I'm going to do my first run/walk workout. My only hurdle is that most of the training schedules have you running 3-5 days a week and my poor old knee can't take that, so I'm going to slowly do what I can. I may only be able to run my own personal 5K on my treadmill. Running outside is alot of impact for my knee and running in the Spring my allergies are so bad I sneeze every 30 seconds and my eyes get so puffy I cant see! (I know excuses, excuses)

Thx for the "amazing" compliment. I didnt start at 20-25 lbs believe me! What would be truly amazing is losing my body fat so you could see that my arms look strong!

Weight today 131.2 lb, down only 0.4 lb from last Thursday, but I'll take it with my overeating over the weekend. I just cant wait for the day I see a number in the 120's again, it's been a long time!

Ok, coffee time, and then hittin' the treadmill!

Laura, Peng, Deanna what's on your workout schedule today?? Laura how is your insomnia? I suffer from it as well. My friend ran the Boston Marathon and finished about 5 minutes before the explosions. She was pretty shaken up, but is okay.
Stacy, I'm planning on working in the yard again. Although it is supposed to rain later. yuck. knitting tonight

Andrea, good job on your HIIT workout! I usually change my workout types from winter to summer. I haven't really thought about it much. I'm trying to whip the yard into shape before the humidity hits and I don't want to go out and work anymore.

We found out that Hubby has to go out of town next week for work but he will be able to take me with him. The hotel should have a pool and an exercise area. So that sould be interesting. I used to swim a few miles a day in college, but that was more like fun and less like exercise.

Today was the last day of my Bible study, I've decided not to go back next year, but to join another ministry and study, so I'm sad that I will miss my friends.
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Peng, why do you separate workouts btwn winter and summer? Is it b/c your house has no air conditioning? Is your hubby going somewhere cool? My hubby goes out of town alot too, but he goes on days that I have to work too so I've never gone with him. Are you almost done with your yard? You should take a picture of your hardwork in the yard so we can see it!! I have rose bushes I have to cut back but I keep forgetting or it's raining, that and I hate thorns! You mentioned not doing your bible study and missing your friends....could you set up dinner or lunch dates to still stay in touch?

I pulled a muscle in my neck somehow but dont remember anything specific when I was lifting weights last night. Only thing I can figure out is maybe doing the chest presses and flies on the stability ball I was maybe straining to keep my head up. Probably nothing 2 Advils wont help within a day or two.

Eating today was decent. Ate at a local deli for dinner, had the Cuban sandwich and only ate about 1/3 of the potato chips. Don't know how many WW points that was, but was at 7 points out of 26 before dinner.

Tomorrow is a planned rest day!
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Boy am I tired! I felt great almost all day at work...the afterburn effect maybe...and then with about an hour and a half to go I hit the wall and then of course all sorts of things went wrong (instruments breaking, bloody spinal fluids, stool specimens arriving frozen...can we use them? can we not? no one knows? auuuuuugh) and my contact lenses were drying out and sticking to my eyelids! It was like the first six hours were only an hour long and then the last two were six hours long! ugh! but anyway, I kept thinking about how I couldn't wait to do HiiT again! ha ha

Peng, I'm happy for you that you are getting so much done in your yard before it get hot...I guess I forgot about heat and humidity since it's about 35 degrees here and getting down to 25 tonight lol. Hope we have a yard left after the drought last year and the freezing rainy snowy mess this spring has been! Swimming sounds like a LOVELY way to spend the week...such great exercise and good on your joints! enjoy!

Laura, I've gone around with insomnia myself...luckily not lately but I used to work 12 hour shifts and had to be there at 4 am and had the worst time getting to sleep. Horrible! Hope it gets better for you! Any news on the puppy?

Deanna- hope to hear from you again soon!
Stacy, I think the workouts are more of a change than a seperation. I tend to do more cardio in the summer and more weights in the winter. I also do more 'barefoot' type workouts. such as pilates or barre in summer. Hubby's work schedule will change in May and we may be able to start going to our church's gym for workouts! We also take more walks/hikes with April during summer. I think I just get tired or the same thing and want a change. Then there's always yardwork! Hubby isn't supposed to go out of town for his job unless something is broken or he's training someone. Since the company downsized here in Memphis there's ony so many people who can do certain jobs, and he's one of them. He's going to Oklahoma City. I've already done some research for interesting things to do. I can stay in touch with some people but all of us {300+} will never be together again, I"m not saying I know all 300! Things are just starting to bloom, so hopefully i can get some good pictures. Hope your muscle feels better.

Andrea, my online friends up North keep reminding me its sleeting where they are, when I gush about the warm weather. :p


Hi all

Stacy, I hope your friend is okay after Boston. Here in the UK we've been watching the news about it. Also that dreadful explosion at the fertiliser factory. We've got the London marathon here in the Uk Sunday and people are very more aware now of possible threats. Its dreadful, I hope they catch the purpetrators soon.

Peng, sorry you're bible study class is ending soon, I'm sure you will find another one soon. I was well impressed that your church has a gym. Our church definitely doesn't have anything like that, we're lucky to get a toilet lol.

The insomnia is still bothering me but I think its more anxiety related. No news on the puppy front yet.

No workouts for the last couple of days. I've felt a bit low and not felt like exercising. Although, I probably need to. Yesterday was hubby's birthday and he had a nice day, we had lots of visitors. Saturday night we are out with friends, so that should be good. I may try and do a yoga dvd later.

Have a great weekend everyone and I will speak to you all soon.

No yardwork today but I cleaned house and did 45min premix of cardio, boxing and weights from KCM's Curcuit Burn.

We'll be in the front yard again tomorrow, trying to finish up the foundation bed. Its supposed to get down to 40* tonight.

Laura, the workout room is small but has some treadmills and a four station weight machine as well as some freeweights. Most of the equipment was donated, as I understand it.


Peng, how do you like Circuit Burn? I've looked at that one a few times. Funny how you separate your workouts. If I did that, I'd do it just the opposite and do weights in the summer b/c I figure I'd be outside to get in my cardio and I'd do more cardio in the winter since I'd be stuck indoors!

Laura, which yoga dvds do you enjoy? I've only got a few, I seem to be picky with yoga.

Deanna, hope you are still doing well.

Andrea, working this weekend?? I work next weekend :(

Neck is still bothering me today, marginally improved, wouldve hoped for more improvement at this point honestly. I'm going to do Low Impact HiiT, also had abs on the schedule but may wait til my neck feels better and skip abs today.

Have tickets to a baseball game tonight but it's only supposed to be a high of 50 during the day, getting down to 31 tonight, so we'll see about that game. Hubby really wants to go, the idea of freezing my butt off doesnt sound especially appealing to me right now!


Good morning ladies! :)

No workout planned today other than a loooong dogwalk. Took them for a short walk yesterday as it got up to a balmy 45 degrees...hubby went with, so we each had a dog. That seems to make them behave badly as they are always trying to be the "lead dog" and most sidewalks aren't wide enough for both Rich and I to walk side by side on, plus they hadn't been walked for a couple of days due to the crappy weather. So...they were bad, very very bad! Hopefully today since it's just me walking both of them they will be better. Might try for four miles.

Lots of cleaning to do and hey possibly a little work in the yard...although that has been designated as hubby's realm as well as the exterior of the house and I take care of the innards of the house, including the people and pets in it!

Hey good news, I got up at 4:15-ish every morning this week and worked out! I'm pretty proud of myself for that, have been attempting that for some time but finally accomplished it. It really wasn't difficult, especially knowing how much better everything goes at work when I get in a good workout first. Can you say endorphin junkie? lol...
Stacy, I don't like cardio, summer or winter, so its always a struggle to fit that in. I like Kelly's workouts but she does a lot of repeat exercises which i don't like. She's has a great personality but her music choices are starting to turn me off.


Well I got lazy and my workout didnt happen so I will eat better today to hopefully compensate a bit. I dont think this baseball game is happenin' either.


Ok, a bag of Oreos attacked me yesterday. I'm blaming PMS. Yesterday's Tally....

Workout: 0
Clean Eating: 0
Oreos: :(

Today was supposed to be yoga, I opted for Xtrain Low Impact HiiT (floor and step premix) followed by Xtrain Bi's and Tri's. I've done this workout before but this is the first time I noticed that the background guy named Greg looked as if he totally gave up during the Slo-Mo bicep curls, lol!

Eating today is going well. Had a 5 WW point late breakfast, skipping lunch. Dinner tonight is soup.

Planned rest day tomorrow, I'm working really late, it's Monday. Need I say more?

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and finding time to squeeze in a good workout :)


Just got done with a 3.88 mile walk! Time to stretch! Going to follow the same routine i did last week, M-F early workouts. Tomorrow will be heavy total body weights. Not sure yet which workout.


have fun Peng!

Supersets this morning. I heavied up and it was tough but fun! Now at work...not fun.

have a good day! remember you never regret good choices!


Rest day today. Eating is back on track. It's Monday and it's warm, sunny and not snowing. Can't ask for much more!

Might tackle Lower Body Blast tomorrow, or tryout an STS Plyo Leg workout, have yet to try these!
Today was my Bday before it was Earth Day, which means I’m older than dirt! :p

So a funny thing happened on the way to OKC. We had almost reached Little Rock, AK when Hubby's boss called and cancelled the trip. We just had to laugh.

So since we had made it all the way to Little Rock, we had lunch, visited two antique malls, and one yarn shop, then we drove back home. So we are back home again, but happy to be here. At least we have cellphones theses days so we didn't drive all the way to OKC and then had to turn around.

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