Problem with Xtrain Bonus Core Downloads


I'm experiencing issues when creating premixes using the bonus core 1 and bonus core 2 downloads for Xtrain.

Both downloads import into the Workout Blender and show chapters.

If I create a premix that begins with or only contains chapters from these workouts, the workout blender freezes at 80% and the video never gets created.

If I create a premix that uses chapters from other workouts and includes a chapter from the bonus core workouts, the premix is created but it skips over and does not include the bonus core chapters.

Any ideas?
Hi Curtis,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I am using the current version (099) of the Blender and have tried the procedures outlined for 80% complete or videos not importing problems and it doesn't make a difference. I have been able to create numerous premixes with other downloads and the only ones I'm having an issue with are the Xtrain bonus core downloads.

1) For a premix with bonus core 1 at the beginning of the premix or just a premix containing bonus core 1, it could be frozen at 80% or it could just be taking a really long time. I've noticed with other premixes that sometimes it slows down considerably and make take a long time but eventually gets created. It doesn't seem like that is happening for the bonus core one but I haven't let it run for any length of time - it doesn't seem like any processes are running in that case whereas for other slow premixes, I can see that processes are running. I'm not overly concerned with this issue as I was just trying to create this premix to see if there was an issue with the download.

2) The main issue is that the Workout Blender is skipping over bonus core 1 when I include it within a premix. For example, if I try to create "Premix 01 - Chest/Back/Shoulders + Core 1" from the Chest, Back & Shoulders Xtrain DVD, it creates the premix but it doesn't include the bonus core 1 chapter - it skips over it.

We have been able to re-create the problems here with the XTrain video and Workout Blender. It seems that for Windows users, certain chapters are being skipped in creation of the premixes AND for some videos the Blender is re-encoding the video for no reason (this is why some premixes take so long to create). For Mac users, they are not having the skipping problem but ARE having the re-encoding issue.

We are providing what we have found out here along with what you have let us know to the programmers to see if they can figure out why this is happening. All of the video is consistent on how it is prepared and produced, so this issue is in the programming of the Workout Blender. We will post here again when we hear back on a work-around or a fix.
I have the same problem. I have windows 2010 and it is not letting me use the core work of Xtrain in the blender.

We have isolated the cause of the problem for the chapters being dropped, and will incorporate the fix into the next version of the Blender.

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