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I just created 3 workouts and I am unable to preview them in the preview box. I have been clicking on the workout name and I click the play button on the preview box (both play buttons), but it still doesn't play.
I also haven't figured out how to get my workouts to Itunes.
Also, I recently purchase Lo Max and I Max 3, but it won't let me import them into the workout blender.
Yes, I have this problem too besides now using my create video tab if I
try to create a new (3rd) video....I even deleted my first thinking there was
only room for 2 but that didn't work either.. My preview works while I am
choosing chapters, etc. but on the 2 that I was able to create, after it was
created, the preview would not play. However, the video was in my video
library and played ok and was able to put in itunes. If your video is in the
workout blender video file in your original video library, just open itunes and
drag it onto your itunes movie page. It should copy over (with chapters)
and then you should be able to put on ipod...
Hi Aqua Girl,
Thanks for the help. I tried to click my workouts and drag them to I-tunes from the workout blender, but when I clicked on the workouts one by one, it wouldn't let me drag them.

If you let the Workout Blender place the folders in their default locations when you installed it, you can find your workouts in the following folders, depending on your computer's platform:

Mac: "Your Hard Drive" > Users > "Your User Name" > Movies > Workout Blender Videos >

Windows: "Your Hard Drive" > Users > "Your User Name" > Videos > Workout Blender Videos >

You can drag the workouts from this folder and into the iTunes Movies window panel.

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