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Hello Ladies!!!
I am 7 weeks along, 1st pregnancy!!! YAY very excited!! Feeling pretty good except the occational morning sickness. I am a long time Cathe fan and I LOVE her dvd's. What dvd's of Cathe's would you recommend doing during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester. And what non-Cathe dvd's would you recommend buying???? I really appreciate all the advice. THANKS!!!!!


Congrats, Nicole!!! I am currently pregnant with my 3rd (about 29 weeks now). In the beginning, I did any Cathe workout I felt like doing. But, as I grow (and my tiredness grows), I listen to my body and let it tell me what it needs. Does that make any sense?
I've found that one of the best Cathe workouts at this stage of the pregnancy is Basic Step/Body Fusion. I can still do some of the kickbox workouts, but low impact (KPC is my favorite). I also have some Turbo Jams that I do (following the low impact example). The Slim Series DVDs are good too. For yoga, I ordered Shiva Rea's Prenatal Yoga (used) on I like that a lot, and it's for all three trimesters. Another good one is a kettle bell workout called Baby Bells (I believe). I am so comfy in this chair that I don't want to walk in the closet and search for it.
Hope this helps!


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Oh Thank you soooooooooooo much!!! yes this helps A LOT!!!! I'm super excited to try these new dvd's!!!! thanks again!!!! :eek:

Lacy Bowman

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Pregnancy dvds

Hi Nicole,

I am expecting my 3rd and am currently 17 weeks. I actually enjoy doing some of Cathe's lower impact step dvds during pregnancy. I just purchased Step Moves several weeks ago and it is super fun and low impact so I love it for pregnancy. I also have done her Cardio & Weights dvd from the Intensity Series during my pregnancies. I also purchased The Perfect Pregnancy Workout dvd with Karyne Steben during my 1st pregnancy and I enjoyed it too. It is nice because she has modifications for beginners if you can't do the advanced version.

I am actually currently still doing many of Cathe's regular workouts including STS. The biggest thing is to listen to your body and modify moves and take rests when needed.

Hope this helps and wishing you a healthy, happy pregnancy!


Another thumbs up for the Perfect Pregnancy Workout. I started it late in the third trimester and wished I'd started it earlier! Great DVD. I did Cathe DVD's with just a few modifications through the 2nd trimester.


Tracey Staehle also has a prenatal/postnatal workout set. I'm getting ready to start that up again. It's called Fit and Strong/ Pre & Post Natal. It's a good deal for $19.99!


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Thanks ladies!!! I am very excited to try these new DVD's! I love coming on these forums because even when I'm feeling nauseous and tried I get so motivated and excited to workout!!!!


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Just gotta say I love Perfect Pregnancy workout, Perfect Pregnancy Belly Dance and Pregnancy Yoga with Shiva Rea!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! :D


I totally second (or third) the Shiva Rea prenatal yoga cd - this thing was a lifesaver for my hips! Also, one that people haven't mentioned yet is Suzanne Bowen's Long and Lean Prenatal Workout. It is great for toning & stretching - not so much for cardio in the first months, but you are definitely breathing heavier in the last months. And her voice is so soothing!

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