pregnancy check in jan 28


hello all - hope everyone's weeks went well and they are feeling good or at least better. i had a good week, but am especially looking forward to this next - our big us is on wednesday. i am very excited but also a bit nervous. periodic nightmares the baby is not okay. weds will be here soon.

i got imax 2 and caradio and weights last week - fun workouts! i don't think i will be able to do them much longer, but they will be great for post pregnancy.

sun - 40 min spin class, cardio and weights
mon - run 7 mil, 30 min strength
tues - imax 2, walk 1.5 mil
weds - mus endur, low max
thurs - run 4 mil, step 2,3,4 only cardio and weights, 25 min strength
fri - eliptical 60 min, upper and lower body only bootcamp
sat - run 7 mil, 30 min strength


Morris, great workouts. I was able to do the imax's my first trimester but not my second. I too was nervous getting an ultrasound fearing they would find something wrong but remember most babies are completely healthy. Did you do the triple screening blood work? Knowing the blood work came back ok helped me relax.

I am feeling good but am having some morning naseau that goes away when I eat. I am up 16.5 pounds but really don't look like I've gained too much. No puffiness and my arms still look thin and toned. My belly does look very preggo along with my boobs.

sun-cia 9905-step-franny b.
mon-kickmax minus the challenge + heavy and compound weight premix from Cardio and weights
tues-rythymic step+abs from jari's get ripped
wed-get ripped +upper sect. from 10 min. sol. bootcamp keli r.= 8 min. tae bo
Fri-gay g. -step-n-strike
sat- 20 min. of tae bo ult. bootcamp then ran out of time. Walked around stores of Boston. (took a day trip to the city)


when are you due again? i forgot.

i did do the triple screen and it came back fine. but you are right - it helps to focus on that.


I have an ultrasound scheduled for this afternoon. DH and I are very excited!!

Workouts went well this week - I am starting to get a bit twingy in the abdomen when I run, so I'm going to try wearing a maternity belt to keep all of my new "lovely mommy lump" (as hubby says - he sings it to the tune of the black-eyed peas song) in one place.

Mon: 1/2 hour run, Firm BSS4 Strength
Tues: Firm BSS4 Cardio
Wed: 1/2 hour run, TLT Finding Your Core
Thurs: Denise Austin Personal Trainer Cardio
Fri: 1/2 hour run, Cathe Pyramid Upper Body
Sat: 1/2 hour walk, Cathe Pyramid Lower Body (no weight)
Sun: 1/2 hour walk (rest day)

I'm planning on ordering one or two of Cathe's begginer DVDs sometime soon (for postpartum and when my belly gets huge) - I'd like both strength and cardio - which do you guys reccommend?


Wow! You all are impressive with your workouts.

I did start exercising again this past week and was happy with what I did do.

Mon- Walk 1 hour
Tuesday- Basic Step
Wednesday- Body Fusion
Thursday- Walk 1 hour
Sunday- Walk 1 hour

2 more weeks until my next appointment and ultrasound. Really looking forward to it.
Still dealing with morning sickness (all day sickness). So I'm glad when I do get a day that I can work out.
Have a great week everyone!


Age 30
10 weeks 1 day pregnant with #1


Hi everyone! I think I am now starting to feel the morning sickness.
I have been feeling very tired and have been feeling lazy. This is what I have done this week:

Monday- Body Fusion
Tuesday- Low Max & Legs and Glutes
Wednesday- Jammin 32's
Thursday- Body Fusion
Friday- Off
Saturday- Off
Sunday- Body Fusion

Have a nice day!



Good luck to those you of getting ultrasounds this week and well wishes for those with morning sickness.
Morris, I am due around June 1. Last ultrasound said May 30 though so I may take that as my due date instead. Remind yourself, there are few false negatives on the triple screening, so many disorders can be ruled out. There are many false positives on the triple screening. I was so relieved with both my pregnancies when I got a healthy report after the ultrasound.

Due June 1 with girl #2.


My week was not good! Only 3 workouts.

At my doctor they do a "Quad" check instead of triple screening. Not sure why the name change. Can only assume they are checking for 4 things instead of 3. They took blood in the first tri-mester and the second. These were both Quad checks.Then they also measured the thickness of the baby's skin on her neck via ultrasound. They combine the results of these three tests. If your results come back normal (as mine did) the chance of having a baby with downs(among other things) is less than the chance of losing the baby through amniocentisis. We chose not to do the amnio for this reason. They said this is a fairly new test (they did not offer with my last child)

Anyway, here is my week. Hope to do better next week!

Sunday - 1 hour musclemax
Thursday - 30 minute Mindy Mylrea Cycle Challenge
Saturday - 70 minute LowMax


Due 6/25/06 with girl #2


Rachel, are you over 35 and that is why you were considering amnio? I turned 36 this month so amnio was offered. I chose the fourple screening and a more detailed ultrasound.
Linda, I got basic step and body fusion to do preggo. I found basic step boring but body fusion and the add ons are basic but actually semi challenging. I found the impact good while preggo but will add some power after the baby. I recommend you get it. You can pick it up reasonbly at at the yayas.
Morris, good luck tomorrow with the ultrasound.

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