Preggo & Post-Partum Induced Carpal Tunnel


Hi - anyone out there have experience with post partum carpal tunnel? Apparently, I have it and my neurologist told me rest, rest, rest, which means most of my upper body workouts (so desperately needed tohelp with losing the last 13 or so pounds of baby weight) are out for a it is hard to rest my hands when I have to feed, carry and burp baby girl who is 2 months and 12 pounds :)
Any thoughts about home remedies to ease symptoms? No wrist pain, but numbness in fingers. So far, I am wearing night splints, doing warm/cold water wrist soaks, icing and resting.
Also, if you did have it or know anyone that did, how long did it take to go away? Neurologist say 1 to 2 months, ortho said 2 to 3.



I developed carpal tunnel while pregnant, and it lasted a couple months post partum. I didn't do anything for it; was just annoyed to have it. I had never heard of it as a prenatal side effect before. But, the numbness did go away on its own.

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