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Hi, I'm almost 2 weeks post c-section. I worked out consistently during pregnancy due light weight training and cardio. I'm excited to resume exercise as soon as I get clearance from my OB. Does anyone have any tips or workout regimes to share on slowly resuming exercise? When did you begin core work? What types? When can you weight train? Thanks ladies!


Hi. I can totally relate. I've had 3 c-sections-last one almost 5 years ago. At 6 weeks postpartum, I eased back into working out with Cathe's Basic Step and Body Fusion. I made lots of modifications, but that's what got me back into the groove. Six weeks is a safe amount of time to wait. Don't rush it, and listen to your body. Good luck, and don't forget to share how you're doing.

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Did you try any exercises to tone your body? Is it really worked? I'm also facing the same problem. So it would be kind if you update your current status. Actually, I had a C-section 4 years ago, after the delivery, I went through a series of complications and pain. I was suffering from severe abdominal cramping and practiced some back exercises to get rid of the back pain. My second delivery was normal and before that I got prenatal massages ( ) as per the advice of my therapist in order to reduce the pregnancy pain. It really worked, but my tummy began to sag after the 2nd delivery. I don't how to manage it and resume my workouts. Are there any simple tips to reduce the tummy after delivery? Does any therapies or workouts help for that?


I had two C sections, and I think it may depend on how good your doctor is. If you have a long, vertical scar, it will take longer. My doctor did two tiny little lateral cuts. I would also agree about the six weeks.

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