Plyo legs - oh my!

werkout kween

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I just finished week 1 of Meso 3 plyo legs. I had no idea this was going to be so hard! By the time I was done, I was sweat drenched. I opted to do the plyo instead of the squat rack this time even though I bought the tower. Now I'm rethinking this, but Cathe says to stick with what you started with, but boy is it hard?

Can anybody share their experiences with this?

Jane Royse

Oh, yeah! I just finished STS yesterday. I did both squat rack & plyo legs with 3 days' rest in between. I had the same reaction! The 2nd week was a bit easier, but not much!


I just finished week 1 of Meso 3 also and found Plyo Legs to be challenging. It definitley felt like a leg and cardio workout all in one! I was SWEATING!!!


I just finished this same disk a little while ago and thought I was gonna have to pause the DVD and go puke! It was much tougher than I anticipated. I'm scared for the remaining weeks! Wow!!


If it helps any, I think that workout is the hardest of the plyo leg workouts. For some reason, week 1 always kicks my butt more than any of the other weeks. So hang in there!! :eek:
I wish

I wish so badly that plyo legs could be bought separately! I saw the preview on this sight and! Looks tough but will whip legs into shape!


If it helps any, I think that workout is the hardest of the plyo leg workouts.

I was going to say the same thing. In the subsequent plyo workouts, even though some of the footage is repeated, there does seem to be more rest time which makes the workouts easier. The first one just seems more compressed and therefore harder.

horsing around

Plyo Legs!

I'm now on M3 and did the first plyo leg workout last week and loved the burn! I was so looking forward to this week, but have been battling a cold so giving my body the rest it seems to need. Hoping to repeat the first week of M3 starting on Monday.



Cathe mentioned somewhere that the she would even consider the plyo legs workouts HiiT training. They are for sure tough. LOVE them!

horsing around

I did week 2 of Plyo legs yesterday and loved it. I can't wait to see the results at the end of M3! Do you think it would be OK to do 2 plyo workouts in a week? I did the one yesterday and may go back to disk 1 Saturday.

Regarding the half turns, I hear Cathe's voice in my head telling me I can do anything for 30 seconds!



I agree with everyone. Plyo legs is tough. With all the jumping and then having to do squats with weights, boy it really makes you breath hard. It's a excellent leg toner. Gotta love Cathe!!!

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