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Hi All,
This is very off topic but I'm curious if anyone has any advice for me:
We have 2 cats (both under 2yrs old). We've had them about a year now. They are soooo loving. And they hate to be alone. They do fine during the day while we are all out at work but when we are home they are all over us.

One of them basically meows during the night for us...we ignore her and sometimes I actually have to put her in the basement for a few hours so I can get some sleep.

Now here is the ?....we are going on vacation for a week in July....what do I do??? Do I have someone come and stay here with them at night (sleep over)? I know I can't leave them alone cause one of them (the crier) has bladder issues and if she get's stressed I'll come home to a messy house and a sick cat.
But who would I get to sleep here when they find out that she cries at night and she'll drive them nuts?

UGH! I really don't know what to do?

Cat lovers help!


We have dogs and whenever we go on vacation we have the neighbor girl come by 3 or 4 times a day. She feeds, walks, let them out, ect. We've never had anyone spend the night here, just doesn't seem necessary. She's high school age and I thinnk we pay her $10 or $15 a day.
i forget the name but it is a pet resort for can bring thier own food and the people there will take them out and play with them it is 1-3 stories.check online for pet resorts and get reviews.i took my cat there.the place sends pictures and tells about how they are doing.she had a report card when i picked her up.not all A"S!i also have used someone who goes to your house and feeds and plays cat liked that much better staying at home



The technicians at my veterinarians office will cat sit (well, the unmarried ones). They're all really sweet and love cats (it's a cats only practice). Maybe that would be an option for you? You could pick the tech that "oohed and aaahed" the most over your kitties at their last visit. :).

Good luck!


From my own personal experience with cats & traveling, this is what I've learned (although your vet would be the best form of counsel):

Just a little background info: I have a 15yr old female tabby. I also had a 15yr old male tuxedo, but he passed away 2 months ago :(. Ok, so here's the deal, cats are extremely attached to their home & environment (that's why they "mark" the walls with their scent by rubbing up against them. Males are more likely to "spray"). Moving a cat causes anxiety and stress, so my advice is to leave them at home. I've traveled many times, and have felt confident leaving my cats at home unattended (although I missed them like crazy!). I made sure a relative/friend came by my home a few times/week to ensure my cats had food, water, litter change. That's it. I don't even think my cats knew/cared that I was gone TBH. I have also extended the same favor for my cousin plenty of times when she has gone on vacation (she is the owner of 1 female cat). Cats do just fine and dandy by themselves. Just make sure your home is free of anything that could harm them while you are gone: plants, strings, toxic chemicals under the sink that they can easily access, stuff like that.

If your cat has bladder issues, IMO she should be on appropriate medication to regulate this. At 2yrs old, still a young cat, you don't want the issue to progress for the duration of her life (my male tuxedo almost died from Pancreatitis at 9yrs old, and suffered urinary tract infections in which he needed monthly medication and special prescription food). Generally, cats are very clean animals and will strongly refrain from urinating outside the litter box. Even while my cat suffered from Pacreatitis, he NEVER urinated outside the box. Not once. If your cat is doing this, it could be medical (as you stated) or sometimes behavioral (dirty litter box, stress from moving, a new baby, ect). I highly doubt you going on vacation will cause enough "stress" for your cats to urinate/defecate outside the box. If you are that concerned, please talk to your vet.

Regarding your cat crying at night, I had this problem too. It got so bad that my cat would bang on my bedroom door in the middle of the night just to get my attention. Not cool! Eventually I decided to put MY sleep first. I love my cats dearly, but I NEED quality sleep too. So I locked both cats out of my room indefinitely at night. They had access to their food and litter, and I got to sleep. Win/win! The trick is you must be consistent if you chose to lock your cats out at night -- don't go back and forth. Eventually she'll get the hint and stop crying (hopefully!). Cats always have their own agenda ;).

Good luck!
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I agree with everything Natasha said. I've owned six cats and was a vet tech for 10 years. One idea about your cat crying at night. It could be you're not playing with them enough once you get home. I'm guilty of this too :-( Laser toys and feathers work great to burn up some energy! Unfortunately, they can't pop in a Cathe dvd lol!! HTH


I definitely think it's best to leave kitties in their home environment. I've never taken my furball Hermia to a kennel because I know she would be miserable the whole time and I couldn't enjoy a trip away from home thinking of her being scared and confused. Not to mention getting her into her carrier is a major strategical feat involving both myself and my husband and resulting in a series of horrific, cringe-inducing banshee-like meows.

I use a pet-sitting service because I don't know anyone who lives quite close enough for me to feel ok asking them to come over daily or every other day. The pet sitter is only like 15 a day. I'm not sure how common it is for sitters to stay overnight, but some do...that would obviously cost more. But, cats are generally fine on their own for two or three days as long as they have sufficient food and water, so you don't necessarily have to pay for daily visits. I found our petsitter via an internet search but I've noticed that they frequently leave cards at pet supply stores. I would imagine asking the employees at such stores might yield recommendations too.

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