Perfect30 Update - 10-15-20


Staff member

The Perfect30 DVDs are still on their journey from California to our facility in New Jersey but are scheduled to arrive next Tuesday. As long as this happens we plan on shipping your pre-sale DVDs starting on 10-21-20. We've already started printing shipping labels and getting everything ready so we can ship out everyone's orders as quickly as possible. We will post more information next week on when Perfect30 "Downloads" and the User's Guide will be available and also when Perfect30 will launch on Cathe OnDemand.

Learn more or order Perfect30 at

Amy Steppe

I got my email notice that the label had been created. I NEED this series. I am very out of shape due to medical issues and I need to build myself back up!


No email for me, but I do have my receipt of my order so I am not too worried. I am trying to think on how to incorporate them into my rotation.

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