Perfect 30 workout chapters

aqua girl

I just had to post that as I " blender" my way thru these new workouts, the chaptering on these workouts is awesome......
You all did a wonderful job in breaking these chapters down to give so many ways to work in the blender.

(I bet, forum admin. if you saw the title of my post, you said, "oh no, now what??? :) )


Active Member
I like your willpower! I could hardly get such challenges, but they are cool. What was the hardest thing for you?

aqua girl

The hardest thing for me is the higher impact...I am definitely a modifier:), and the
Workouts are so much fun, I try to think of modifications that kind of "mirrors" the
High impact moves to help me feel I am still doing something very similar to what
Cathe & crew are doing. That is the beauty of the blender, I can choose the
Exercises that I like and can do and leave out the ones that I can't master quite yet. I can always add them later if I want.

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