Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/8


Good morning,

Yesterday I did LiVe Metabolic Meltdown 43 minutes, 266 calories.

Valerie, thanks for starting the thread yesterday. will you be making jam from those cherries? I like Diane Sue's thought that maybe you can freeze chia seeds. I have flax seen meal frozen. I read that it is okay and it keeps it longer.

Diane Sue, sorry about the pain and the frustration of being turned around on your trip taking your grandson to school. Maybe print a Map Quest directions and keep in the car? High BP probably was from stress etc. As for doing it at home, lots of people get a high reading in a DR office..."white coat syndrome"...John takes his at home sometimes, not as often as he should.

Judy, I hope your allergies are better. Has it cooled off where you are? We have had really nice weather the past few days.

Carolyn, hope you had a great rest day.

Lori, great that you are keeping the SBF streaming. I know how much you have enjoyed her workouts. LOL on the clean up when your husband cooked dinner. It is the same here. I follow John around and pick up and wash dishes, pans etc while he is zooming around the kitchen cooking and leaving everything where he drops it.

Take care,

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