Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 9/12


Bringing this over from last week's thread:

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a busy week. I worked Monday, Thursday and Friday. I’m off this weekend and don’t work again until Thursday. My hours are going back down now and I have a lot of time off over the next month.

Yesterday I did a 45 minute Peloton Power Zone Ride and 20 minutes of Peloton upper body work.

Diane Sue-Great job with Coffey Fit Raw Box and Drills and the CDorner foam rolling. I’ve been previewing the new Raw weight workouts and think I will try them this week. I was surprised at how busy Home Depot was over Labor Day.

Valerie-Great walk and nice job with Xtrain bi's and tri's. I hope you have a nice time in Montana.

Carolyn-I hope you had a nice rest day.

Cathy-Great job with the advanced choreography step this week.


Hello again. This morning I did Jane Adams Gentle Yoga Morning Energy practice which was 18 minutes and 32 calories burned.

Diane Sue, great job with Raw Box and Drills, Raw Hips, Hlutes, and Abs, and CDORNER foam rolling. I’m sure that you must have been frustrated with YouTube not working properly. Yes, the house is very still and quiet with my daughter leaving. It takes a couple of days to settle in again.

Valerie, great job with X Train Bis, Tris, and Abs. You are making some nice gains with upper body strength.

Judy, that’s good news that your HD schedule is getting back to normal. Nice work with the Peloton workout.

Hello to Cathy. Have a wonderful day everyone.
I'm still here! Walked at the zoo on Friday. Yesterday, I was supposed to workout, but DH left for a few hours, so I did other things instead. Some things easier to do with no one getting in my way. This morning I did Boss Bands Total Body. Hoping to get a few more workouts in this week before I head to Marquette Friday morning. Planning to leave early and I'll grab lunch and walk along the bay until I can get in my room. Derek has classes until 3:00 anyway. Not sure if we'll do anything Friday night, but definitely hiking Saturday.

Valerie safe travels! We just have a too small regular fridge with the freezer on top. It's always jammed full even when it's just the too of us, but DH isn't one to go scrounging through things, so I can hide stuff behind things. Especially on the bottom shelf because he doesn't like to have to bend down and spend time looking. We also each have our own cupboard for non fridge stuff. I also hide things in the back of the freezer that I don't want him eating up. Fortunately the only fruit I really want all for myself is the watermelon and he never touches it.

Judy great job with the Peloton workouts! Glad your schedule is lightening up.

Carolyn great job with the yoga this morning! I hope your daughter makes it home safely. Does it take her more than a day? It's great that you get to have a decent block of time with her.

Diane Sue great job with the workouts! I should check out the foam rolling ones. I just usually do my own thing.


Today is my rest day. I ran into a blocked road on my way to church this morning so had to reroute and ended up being late when I should have been early. It takes me 30 minutes to get there as it is. I hate surprise road work. My shoulders were a bit sore today. I am guessing from the boxing and all of the time I spent on my hands and forearms with the hips and abs workout yesterday. I sure wish my shoulders were not so sensitive. I go back to the arthritis doctor in October for them to check on my right shoulder again. At least I think that is why I am going back 3 months sooner than normal. I think he wants to see if I have more strength in the rotator cuff after the injection or if he wants to do an mri. Hopefully I don't need to go back in for the mri.

Judy, I bet it will be nice to have your work schedule lighten up for awhile. I imagine it will pick back up at Christmas time. Nice work with Peloton Power Zone and Upper Body. I like the looks of the 4 day split workouts and the shorter finishers she put up than can be worked in together. I want to try some of them.

Valerie, I need to do that with the grapes when I have a lot. One time I ordered grapes from Whole Foods and for some reason they gave me 3 times as much as I had ordered. Let me tell you, I really did try to eat all of those red grapes. That is one thing, my husband only likes green grapes. I have a watermelon I need to cut up, but was sort of waiting till the grapes, bananas, and peaches were gone. If I cut the watermelon, the other fruit will sit and probably rot while the watermelon is consumed. I hope your trip went well.

Carolyn, I need to remember my Jane Adams yoga workouts. I have kind of gotten obsessed with CDorners mobility/yoga workouts. She said on one of them that she calls them stretches and mobility to try to encourage her watchers to do it when they won't do yoga. Sometimes she will add flow or cardio to the title which adds a bit to letting you know if the workout is faster paced or you are not holding the moves for a bit. I do like that she concentrates a lot on everything from the feet and hands to the neck and ankles as well. Then she has some that are focused more on a specific area like feet. I did switch though a couple of times lately and did some Jessica Smith yoga because Youtube keeps giving me problems. I tried unplugging the Roku on the one tv and Fire tv on the other and plugging back in last night and it seemed better. Meaning that it played, but on the roku one it played with other workouts listed at the bottom of the screen and the play arrow in the middle of the screen. Raw and other programs play fine though and it seems to be just Youtube and I have poured over the settings. It plays fine on my tablet. It is odd.


Cathy, I like that you go hiking with your son. We have two side by side refrigerators and they are both full. I didn't have room for all of my husbands Gatorade so had to sit some of it in the pantry. I try to hide things, but they are usually found. I hid Fritos when we had a family get together and I noticed last week that they were gone. Wonder how that happened? Particularly when only 2 of us are here :p Most things that are vegetables are for me. I don't have to share. I can have all of the cantaloupe and honeydew melon to myself. Usually strawberries as well except I am not a real fan of strawberries. I eat black berries, raspberries, and mostly blueberries.


This morning I did Cardio Slam, no mat cardio premix. That was 34 minutes with 220 calories burned. My average heart rate was 126 and maximum heart rate was 153. I used low impact modifications for most of the floor cardio. I like the modifications that Cathe demonstrates on one of the full workout premixes. We have my husband’s rescheduled doctor’s appointment this afternoon.

Cathy, good to hear from you. The zoo walk must have been enjoyable with fewer people and milder weather.

Diane Sue, weekend road work can be very frustrating when you are not expecting it. I hope your doctors can find out what is happening with your neck and shoulder areas.

Hello to Valerie and Judy.
Last night was one of those fun nights when I couldn't fall asleep. Finally did somewhere between 2:30 and 3 I think. Woke up a little after 7. Decided to try and do my Finished Step Combos and I got through most of it and just skipped the last two sets. At least I did something. I have an appointment in the morning to go over bloodwork with my doctor, so I'm hoping I fall asleep at a decent time and can workout before I go. Have to leave around 9.

Diane Sue that must have been really frustrating to run into an unexpected detour. Sure hope your doctors appointments yield good results for you.

Carolyn great job with Cardio Slam! And yes, it's way more enjoyable to walk in the zoo without crowds. Especially if you are going for any type of speed or an animal is doing something you want to watch. Hope your husband's appointment goes well.


All good on our trip so far. we have to deal with northern idaho which is "covid central". few do the right thing to protect each other, and mask up, distance, and vaccinate. their hospitals are overflowing and military has been called in to help plus they are sending people to hospitals elsewhere, like Washington, because they are out of beds. we intentionally took our camper so we do not have to go into any stores or rest area bathrooms that are enclosed spaces. just pump gas and drive on. MT is not exactly stellar when it comes to precautions, so we mask up and avoid people as much as possible. our activities make it possible.
1500 people a day are dying now, and schools are barely even open! 2 -3 days of covid deaths is equal to the deaths from the world trade center attack, and we sure got upset about that! Dead is dead! I fail to see how dying of a preventable disease makes any sense.

we found a nice campground last night, truck ran fine, camper was comfy, and then we drove to the place we wanted to mt bike. it was very nice. I'm not adjusted to altitude yet so it was hard and we didn't go as far as we hoped but did 2 hours. trail was fun and just the right level of difficulty. would like to do more there.

I have a french door fridge here. much easier to use than a side by side. with a side by side, you are constantly moving things around left and right to get things out because its so narrow. the freezer space is not as usable on a french door so a trade off.
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Today I did CDorner Advanced Step fast # 146, 57 minutes, heart rate 139/172, 4,491 steps, 318 calories. I then did CDorner Hips and upper back just back portion foam rolling and Feel Good flow and relax mobility workout stopping at the yogi squats(this is the one I had just done when my knee stuck afterward) Total time for both was 33 minutes, 51 calories, 47 steps. Total time was 90 minutes, 369 calories, 4,538 steps.


Today I did Boss Bands Total Body for 57 minutes and 244 calories burned. My average heart rate was 113 and maximum heart rate was 158.

My husband’s neurologist added another medication to his regimen for his extreme drops in blood pressure. The last three weeks have been rough with drops in blood pressure 1 1/2-2 hours after taking his morning medication. One day he briefly lost consciousness and another day he almost lost consciousness. The doctor also referred him to the cardiologist again. Apparently this is something that can happen with his type of Parkinsons. I also monitor his hydration and have started adding Liquid I.V. hydration powder to his morning bottle of water. We will see how things go for the next month.

Hello to everyone and have a wonderful day.


Sunday was a rest day. Yesterday I did Ramped Up Upper Body, then Boss Bands Total Body. Today I did an hour of Peloton rides.

Carolyn-I'm sorry about your husband's blood pressure issues. That must be very stressful. I hope things are better with the new medication and hydration powder.

Diane Sue-Nice job with the CDorner workouts.

Cathy-Great job with the step combos.

Hi to Valerie


That sounds difficult to deal with Carolyn. hope his docs can get him tuned up right away. I had occasional periods of losing consciousness due to an electrical cardiac issue. that's how I ended up with a pacemaker 15 years ago . if there's no warning and you lose consciousness suddenly, a lot can happen quickly...... none of it good. make sure he folllows through.

might take a day off most things today. Im tired and need to get shopping done now that I have a list made up. maybe just laze around for a day.


Today I diid CDorner Quick 30 minute step intermediate, 34 minutes, 222 calories, 151/174, 2,798 steps. I liked this one. It was not hard to follow, but still challenging enough to not get bored. I followed it with the Sweaty Hiit Mobility loosen up and flow, 32 minutes, 60 calories, heart rate 84.108, 111 steps. She does this one with a timer for the group of moves that you flow through. I liked it although there is one round with some bear, but you are not holding it for long, it flows through to up dog and down dog moves. Also a yogi squat, but again you hold the squat for a shorter amount of time and step back or hop back plank up dog and yogi squat to stand. I think I got that right. She does a lying relax thing at the end and when she laid down I grabbed my foam roller and did upper back and she does a short stretch for for upper body before you are finished. I wouldn't call it hiit though. Funny how they use that word and tabatas for workout types that do not have anything to do with what that originally meant. Oh, and total time was 66 minutes, 2,909 steps, 282 calories. I had to hurry out to the store today to get things for Sunday that are not coming from Whole Foods. I am expecting a couple of chairs to be delivered. Of course it says UPS and no delivery time. So I am still waiting and it is mid afternoon. Glad I got the store over with.

Carolyn, I hope those steps help your husband and results are better when he goes back.

Judy, nice work with Ramped Up Upper Body and Boss bands .

Valerie, travelling and shopping are tiring. I don't know why, but they always leave me feeling off for some reason.
Last night, I got a knot in my left trapezius. That area is prone to them. Since Derek wasn’t here to work it out, I decided to try it myself. I must have overdone it, because it got super painful really fast. Ended up icing it and taking something for pain which I rarely ever do. Woke up this morning and it’s fine. My blood work all really good, except my Vitamin D was on the low side. Which can be causing or partially causing the tinnitus I’ve been having so I’m going to up what I take. He wants to redo it in 3 months. in the meantime, I’m going to do a consult with the acupuncturist in his office Next Monday. Anyway, no workout today, because while my shoulder was okay, I slept too late. Playing catch up from the night before.

Valerie glad the trip went well. Yeah Idaho is a mess. How long does it take you to cross it?

Carolyn I hope the new things prescribed for your husband help. That’s a hard thing to deal with and so unpredictable. Great job with the Boss Bands Total Body.

Judy great job with her upper body, total body and Peloton workouts!

Diane Sue great job with the CDorner workouts!


Cathy a lot of eastern Washington is similar to northern Idaho and a lot of Montana and plenty of other places in attitude. Masking, distancing, vaccinating not a priority for most people there. Spokane is a good size city, Coeur d'alene Idaho is not far across the border. Spokane has big hospitals. if eastern WA is 50 % vaccinated and Idaho is 35 or 40% or less it doesn't make a lot of difference but dumb luck in who you run into, but the odds go up the more unvaccinated people there are. I would still wear a mask if 80% were vaccinated. even where we live in WA its about 65% but I mask. odds get worse in areas of greater non compliance, and dont go away even in areas of good compliance.
Idaho has made a point of not following any guidelines. their hospitals are full and military has been called in to assist the last couple weeks.
I don't want this virus! we were just shopping in MT. about 40% of people were masked. I find it infuriating that Idaho now is asking begging hospitals to take their overflow patients who need to be airlifted because ground transport takes too long to drive them to places that have space and they need ambulances to pick up more covid patients and other things, like heart attacks and car wrecks.
so we are always on alert but in rural areas we are on even higher alert. takes about 2 hours to cross the Idaho panhandle.


Today I did Low Impact Sweat, workout one. That was 28: minutes and 178 calories burned. My average heart rate was 127 and maximum heart rate was 151.

Judy, great job with Ramped Up Upper Body+Boss Bands Total Body (long workout!), and the hour of Peloton rides.

Valerie, taking a day off is a good thing. Our bodies will let us know that we need to do so, but we don’t always pay attention.

Diane Sue, nice work with CDORNER Step and Sweaty HiiT Mobility.

Cathy, I hope that the knot in your shoulder has worked itself out. That’s good news on your blood work.

Have a wonderful day everyone.


We mountain biked this morning. tried a new place that's close by but up a pretty nasty road. we rode for about an hour but it was just too gusty/windy. DH got blown off his bike a couple times, I was already walking at the time. it will be OK on a better day. it's in a wildlife refuge so on "roads" but are not what most would consider "roads". very isolated feeling and wide open so when its windy there is nothing to slow it down.

I needed more rest last night but felt better this morning. after an hour we drove back down and went to another spot and rode for two hours so total 3. it takes me a week to acclimate to altitude. each day gets better.


Today I did CDorner 60 minute lower body from today, but skipped all of the floor work. I did not want to put pressure on my shoulder getting down on the floor. THis was 44 minutes for me, 135 calories, heart rate 104/185, 1,228 steps. I liked what I did, but stuck with 15# dumbbells for all of it. Chris used some 20s and even 30's once. I then did CDorner Lower Body 15 minute stretch, 24 calories. I also did the foam roller upper back that I have been doing a lot, but not with the video, I was watching some bits of other vids for rotator cuff injuries and I saved a couple of Youtube vids of Dr Joe that Chris has mentioned for neck and one for rotator cuff. They are 20 minutes. Total time 59 minutes, 159 calories.
Lower body used dumbbells and the fabric bands. I used the medium one.
Band on wall squat with 1 dumbbll 15# and a calf raise/knee out while on the wall
band and 15# lateral leg raise 2 reps/ suat/half squat
all right then all left
no weight just band step out twice to one side and back in squat all right all left
low walk forward and back with band on
banded deadlift and leg lift behind 15# dumbbells
get rid of band
15# dbs deadlift and squat
1 dumbbell 15# curtsy /passeknee turn in and out all right side then all left
3 pulse squats 1 db and band
1 db 15# reverse lunge cross back/knee up all right then all left
regular deadlifts 15# dbs
reverse lunge hold/squat hold alternating
she moves to floor work here
ends with dead lift/ sumo squat 4 rounds of 30 seconds each move


I took a rest day today. Back to work tomorrow and hopefully I will do a Peloton ride after work.

Carolyn-Thanks! I'm feeling upper body soreness, in a good way, after that combo. It was a long workout but I really liked doing weights then finishing off with bands. I will do this combination again when I have enough time. Great job with Low Impact Sweat.

Valerie-Great ride!

Diane Sue-Great job with the CDorner workouts. The lower body one sounds good.

Cathy-That's good news about your blood work. How much vitamin D are you going to take? Did you get a prescription one?

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