Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 5/28/2023

Got up and did Low Impact Sweat 1 and then after breakfast I did the recent Live Fun and Done and STS 2.0 stretch. The stretch is longer than I usually want to do, but it's very thorough. Fun and Done was total body with a short cardio portion at the beginning and then compound exercises ended with core.

Valerie sorry your ride didn't work out today.

Carolyn nice job with the yoga.
Today I did Step Sync, combos one and two, for 33 minutes and 202 calories burned. My average heart rate was 121 and maximum heart rate was 147.

Cathy, nice job with Low Impact Sweat one, Live Fun and Done, and STS 2.0 stretch (total body?). I didn’t do that stretch for the same reason—I wanted something shorter.

Hello to Diane Sue, Valerie, and Judy. Have a wonderful day everyone.
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This morning I did RWH Low Impact Hiit 1, then later I threw together a leg workout using barre, disks and fire walkers. Followed that up with the new No Equipment core and the lower body stretching from STS 2 Total Body Stretch. I can't say I loved the core, but that's probably because I found it harder than the Metabolic one. LOL I think about half the exercises were new to me. Plus I like using equipment for core.

Carolyn I think if you just go in and start the stretch for the area you need, you'll get a nice shorter stretch. When I have some time, I'm going to just create shorter ones. Great job with Step Sync.

I looked at the rotations and I'm probably going to put together my own variation. Saw they think the guide will be available in a day or two, and because I shop Thursday, I'm hoping before Friday I can at least put together the first weeks workouts.

Hi to Valerie, Diane Sue and Judy.
did stacked sets upper body along with x train abs and some specific PT exercises. also some serious gardening early in the day. going to drop the PT program and do only things that work for me unless the therapist has better ideas. it feels the exercises targeting the lumbar area make it worse rather than better. Ive been doing it for many months ( at least 9) and not sure how much i benefit. stretches are fine, core work is fine, but too much lumbar focus makes it worse not better. I took a week off doing things that I think help and skipping the complete program.
weather pattern here is not good for riding. its cold and misty early when we need to go, roads are too busy later putting it off until mornings are clear.
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Today I did Ice Low Impact Sweat #1 28 minutes, 127 calories, heart rate 120/150,1,827 steps. I then did Cathe STS 2.0 Body Part back express no repeats. This took me 47 minutes when it was around 30. So much switching equipment and not sure what would work best for me. Once I put the Fit Tower up for needed space which meant dismantling it for me and then later another move could have used it again. I did not care for this much, but I think once I know what I need so I have it set up right it may be okay. I burned 111 calories with this and heart rate was 92/132. I finished with foam rolling upper body.

2.0 Body Parts Back express no repeats
warm up uses a 10# dumbbell and light tubing
Straight arm press down/seated rows tubing
double bar inverted rows used fit tower
Fit tower for chin up
Fit tower pull up (I am not sure if I have these moves labeled correctly but think maybe next time I will forgo the that and use the other options for those with no tower or double bar thingy.
Step with 5 risers 1 arm kneeling row R/L 20# db 10 rep
barbell pullover /banded pull apart 30# (I did not go very far back with the barbell 10 reps superset with the tubing 10 reps medium
Barbell Penollay Row removes step top and sets barbell on 2 risers each side/ superset with shrugs
(I started with 50# and soon switched to just barbell rows) Cathe has 60# and says it is an advanced move and she follows with same weight for shrugs. I picked up 10# dumbbells for the shrugs and after the set was done I lowerd the bar to 30 and did 10 more shrugs. This was done in 10 reps each move
banded close grip pulldown (could have did seated with the tower that I put up) I put up the door anchor that goes to the TRX and slipped two tubing strengths through that I could remove handles from to get through the door anchor. This took up time, but worked. I used the medium and heavy b-lines for this as I only have 1 heavy old Cathe tubing with handles.
seated T band pulls lighter tubing
superman swimmers with stuff all over the floor plus one dog. The swimmer part did not work out well.
As you can see the experience was not optimal at all.
Yesterday I just did the Active stretch from 2.0. I just watched the body part shoulder workout and wrote down info. There is no way I can go all of those overhead presses that cathe does not the 25# hip huggers. I will have to lower the weight. I ordered the extra heavy and medium band through Amazon but the heavy is out of stock and a new door anchor. I am not sure where my one I had with went to. I still have my b-lines minus one handle that is interchangeable. I did not need the handles in some of the moves anyway.

Carolyn, nice work on Step Sync today and Morning Energy yoga yesterday. I think that stretch is pretty good, but sometimes we need something shorter to get the stretching in. I often split up CDorner's stretches that I have done routinely just to do the neck and shoulders or just the legs and only the favorite parts.

Cathy, nice work on RWH Low Impact Hiit 1. I have only done the metabolic warm up abs and mini ball premix. For some reason most no equipment core seems to involve moves that make my neck hurt. I will check out all of them eventually.

Valerie, nice work with stacked sets upper body and x train abs. Gardening is plenty of work.
This morning I did STS 2.0 Giant Sets Total Body. My time was 57 minutes with 249 calories burned. My average heart rate was 114 and maximum heart rate was 145. I previewed the workout and wrote out my own work sheet. I liked it and I feel that I got a very thorough workout without killing myself! I’m undecided about the hip thrusters on the bench with barbell. I tried one set using the bench but I switched to a stability ball for the next round. That was better on my back, but I might skip that exercise in the future.

Cathy, great job with RWH Low Impact HiiT One, STS 2.0 No Equipment Abs, and part of lower body portion of the Total Body Stretch.

Valerie, nice job with Stacked Sets Upper Body, XTrain Abs, and some PT exercises. You are wise to listen to your body as you decide whether or not to continue with the PT exercises.

Diane Sue, great job with Low Impact Sweat One and STS 2.0 Body Parts Back. I’m continuing to preview the workouts, but I have a feeling that I won’t be dong the single body parts. That’s just not how I prefer to workout. Trying to get the correct equipment out to continue the workout would be very frustrating for me. I’m sure that it will, go more smoothly for you next time.

Hello to Judy.
tried to do the last ski of the season this morning. not enough snow. and then my skis fell apart. the bottom layer of plastic separated, and started literally flopping around loose. they are old skis but that did it. we duct taped the layers together but not worth it. we would have had to walk most of it anyway. I'm still doing a range of exercises for therapy but sticking mainly core and legs plus back stretching. things that make me flex my lower back muscles make me achy sore. not doing more of those. so not quitting, just recalibrating what's useful.
I worked Saturday & Monday. HD was very busy so the time went fast and I got a lot of steps in. Sunday I did a 45 minute Peloton ride and both foam rolling sessions from STS 2.0. Today I ran/walked 3 miles, did a 20 minute Peloton ride and 10 minutes of Peloton upper body.

Carolyn-Great job with Morning Energy Yoga, Step Sync, combos one and two, and STS 2.0 Giant Sets Total Body. I’m a little conflicted about the hip thrusters with the barbell and heavy weight. My low back has been doing really well for some time and the last thing I want is to do something to mess it up again. I’m going to be very careful and go light with these, at least starting out. If they bother my low back I’ll have to sub in another move.

Valerie-Great job with Stacked Sets Upper Body, XTrain Abs, PT and Gardening. I’ve had a few times when PT work made things worse, especially when I was having low back issues.

Cathy-Great job with Low Impact Sweat 1, Live Fun and Done, STS 2.0 stretch, RWH Low Impact Hiit 1, your Leg workout, No Equipment Core and stretching. If I recall correctly, the No Equipment Abs from Ab Circuits wasn’t a favorite of mine. I prefer using equipment for core too.

Diane Sue-Great job with Ice Low Impact Sweat #1, STS 2.0 Body Part back express no repeats and Active Stretch. I’m going to spend some time reviewing the STS 2.0 User’s Guide tonight and plan on getting started with the workouts later this week.
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Today I did STS 2 Body Parts Shoulders express no repeats, 23 minutes, 84 calories, heart rate 99/124. I followed with STS 2 standing abs core plus floor which uses gliding discs and a 10# weight plate, 15 minutes, 59 calories, heart rate 108/127. I finished with 2.0 mat yoga 22 minutes, 32 calories.
Total time was 60 minutes, 175 calories. I will do cardio tomorrow and see from there what I want to do. Maybe I will do chest, but I am thinking I should start from the beginning. The manual explanations of the series and rotations makes sense. Suggestion though is only 30 minutes of cardio a couple of times a week. I printed up the work sheets and premix descriptions from the manual, but there are a lot of pages at 65. I just downloaded the user guide to my tablet so I could look at the rest of it. I usually always printed the whole thing. I am glad I ordered some new tubing. I was using some of the B-lines today and noticed the outside color over the tubing was peeling off. The old red heavy Cathe has cracks in it. I will try to get the heavy green soon. I ordered the black and the blue ones.

STS 2.0 Body Part shoulders express
warm up uses light tubing and 10 and 12# dbs I used 8's
Standing overhead press barbell I used 25#
seated isometric hold with overhead press 5# and 10# dumbbell one arm holding light other overhead 8 r
incline front raise on stability ball 8# dropped to 5# dbs 8 reps
seated lateral raise 8# dbs 8 reps
standing front raise/side slide combo 5# dbs 10 reps
hip huggers 15# dbs 8 reps
delt fly on ball 8# db r/l superset with hip hugger 15# dbs
banded single arm rear delt fly tubing anchored with 40# dumbbell R/L 16 reps each
banded face pull door anchor with tubing is what I used

I typed posts and lost them as my computer decided to take me offline. It just suddenly said logging out.

Carolyn nice work with STS 2.0 Giant sets today. I have been folding up my mat to lie on my mat so I have plenty of cushion. I had problems with space and seeing the tv when doing the standing abs plus core floor work. I did not realize I would need to be able to use the gliding discs and to slide a weight along the floor. I had to turn my tv and try to do it in the hall. Next time I will do that one in the other workout space room with carpet. The Body Parts workouts are supposed to be the final phase of the workouts and can be done as one each day or an option of doing two each day so you have a day between. As I have done the express ones, I can see it would be much tougher if I was doing 2-3 sets of some of those moves like it is for a full workout.

Judy, I would imagine lots of people were at HD picking up things for the weekend. Nice work with the Peloton ride Sunday and STS 2.0 foam rolling both. I have not done the lower body yet. Nice work today on the walk run, Peloton Ride and 10 minute Peloton Upper Body workout.

Valerie, I am sorry that you did not get to ski and your skis were falling apart. I think you are wise to let go of the moves that cause you to hurt and use the ones that are beneficial.
Ugh just realized this was never posted.

No workout today as I went and walked at the zoo. Longer than usual as I did three rounds of Africa waiting for the Colobus to go out. I talked to the keeper when she was at another exhibit and she had to repair part of their enclosure before putting them out. Five of them and I was there when they came down the hill from their building and pretty much flung themselves in the door to their exhibit. LOL It was hot though, by 10:30 I was sweating enough in my tank top to soak the straps on my backpack! Ugh it's still May. Staying in the 80's till next Tuesday. Not a fan. And let's just say that right as I was finishing up at the final exhibit before leaving a bird did unmentionable things to my tank top. Thankfully Oxy Clean took care of that!

Valerie great job with stacked sets upper body along with x train abs and PT. Sorry to hear your ski's broke.

Diane Sue nice job with Ice Low Impact Sweat #1 and STS 2 Body Parts Back Express and the Active Stretch. I'm sure it's gonna take awhile to get the equipment down. As many times as I've done the original STS some workouts have me scrambling to get my equipment ready so I don't have to pause. Which reminds me I really need to play with the OnDemand on the Roku to figure out how to do more than just watch.

Carolyn STS 2.0 Giant Sets Total Body. I'm not sure about the hip thrusters with weight either. The idea of using a stability ball is good. It would be a much better surface.
I just did STS 2 Core with the mini ball and followed it with Mobility 1. More exercises I'd never done with the core workout. I really liked the Mobility. Just under 20 minutes and I felt pretty thorough.

I started reading the Guide this morning. Still deciding about a rotation. Really stresses only doing cardio 2-3 times a week for no more than 30-40 minutes and only 1 or 2 core workouts a week and the importance of recovery days. Not sure what to do about the workout cards. I like the way they are set up, but that's way more than I want to print off. I did play around with the workout manager and discovered that while you can put a rotation into your calendar, there aren't any icons so it looks like the day is blank even though the workout is there. I seem to recall a delay before with icons so hopefully that's just temporary.

Diane Sue nice job with STS 2 Body Parts Shoulders express no repeats, STS 2 standing abs core plus floor and mat yoga.

Judy I'm sure HD was very busy over the weekend. Nice job with the Peloton rides, upper body and foam rolling.
This morning I did Cardio Quick Fix, workout two. That was 29 minutes and 220 calories burned. My average heart rate was 135 and maximum heart rate was 161.

Valerie, I’m sorry that you didn’t get to ski.

Judy, great job with the Peloton rides, foam rolling, and 3 mile walk/run. I have a 36” foam roller but I’m thinking about getting a shorter one. I don’t use it enough so maybe these workouts will inspire me to do better.

Diane Sue, great job with STS 2.0 Body Parts Shoulders, Standing Abs Core plus Floor, and Mat Yoga. I’m glad that the user guide is available now. I read through it this morning which was helpful.

Cathy, nice job with STS Core with the mini ball. I’m sorry about that bird’s “gift”.
After reviewing the STS 2.0 User's Guide last night, I got motivated to get started so today I did STS 2.0 Giant Sets Total Body. I went as heavy as I could.(I'll never match Cathe, especially in upper body). I did the hip thrusts with a dumbbell and didn't do the unilateral set this time. I may end up leaving hip thrusts out for now. That said, this was an excellent strength workout. I’m thinking about doing the first couple of weeks of the 8 week rotation to see how it goes. I could see getting some pretty good results doing total body workouts 3 days a week.

Diane Sue-Great job with STS 2 Body Parts Shoulders express no repeats, STS 2 standing abs core plus floor and mat yoga.

Cathy-Great job with STS 2 Core with the mini ball and Mobility 1. It's really hot here this week. It's been a while since we've had so many consecutive days of sun.

Carolyn-Great job with Cardio Quick Fix, workout two. I have a 36" foam roller and a shorter one. Up until now I've used the shorter one the most but I've been using the longer one for Cathe's sessions. I feel like I will get a lot more use out of the rollers now.

Valerie-I'm sorry about your skis breaking.
we did ski a tiny bit but the snow was too patchy. it means taking the skis on/ off, on /off, and walking carrying them. this gets old very fast. its way worse on the way down than up. done for the year. good downhill skiers can ski much of the year here if they don't mind skinning uphill or getting a ride by snowmobile or helicopter. we arent good enough skiers for that kind of terrain.
today we mt biked, and hour and a half at the local tree farm. about 7 miles. the area is getting more well known and now we see others there riding bikes and horses. liked it better when we were alone. usually in winter there are only a few dog walkers.

Judy I never had low back problems before but I sure do now. the leg discrepancy is the cause for me. but it was a pretty dominant feature in my mothers family. yes, dont aggravate things if possible.

cathy colobus moneys? I like seeing everything at the zoo except for primates. too much like people I guess. I always skip the primate house. hate watching them. even on wildlife oriented TV I always skip those sections.
Today I did I Max 4 45 minutes, heart rate 132/169, 234 calories, 3,734 steps. I then did 2.0 no equipment abs 12 minutes, 37 calories, heart rate 97/121. I am not so fond of ab workouts that do not support my neck though and as expected I had to keep at least on hand behind my head through some of the moves. It is a good workout though. I finished off with the 2.0 chair yoga since that is the only one, I have not done, 21 minutes, 37 calories. Total time today was 78 minutes 308 calories. I think I will do a total body 2.0 tomorrow but will do one that I would not do if I started a rotation Monday. I started rearranging my workout room to try to make more space to work. Right now it is kind of a mess.
This morning I did STS 2.0 Standing Abs Metabolic Core and Mobility 1. I liked both workouts. It’s only been 4 hours since I finished, but I’m feeling them already.

Judy, great job with STS 2.0 Giant Sets Total Body. I had the same thought about trying the rotation for a couple of weeks. Since Cathe has several options with equipment choices and positioning, I think I will see how it goes. I want to finish previewing the workouts and start the rotation on Monday.

Valerie, I’m glad that you were able to do a little skiing. Nice job with mountain biking at the local farm.

Diane Sue, nice job with IMAX 4, No Equipment Abs, and Chair Yoga.

Hello to Cathy.

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