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Good morning,

A nice day yesterday, out for breakfast, nails done, then I met my friend for lunch. Now to buckle down and do the list of stuff I have to get done around here. I also have to get to the chocolate place to get some Easter candy for Sunday..

I need to get downstairs and do the next workout in the series before I talk myself out of it!

I will check back later...

Take care,
Good morning ladies...

Yesterday I did Flextrain along with the LLA band section then did 30 minutes of Dreambody Barre. Then if I wasn't exhausted enough took Chester for a beautiful 3 mile walk. Weather was gorgeous here in New England...finally!

Dinner was really nice. I had chicken marsala which was delicious. Glad I had a great workout beforehand. ;)

Today is heavy bag or spin. Have not decided. House max and grocery shopping makes up the day.

My DS and I watched GOT opener last night and really liked it. Love that we are both enjoying this series. I even have him listening to the books on Audible while he drives here from CT.

Hi to everyone!
Good morning Deb & everyone else. we got back last night and I haven't read last week's thread to comment... will later.

we had an excellent trip. same general area we went last year at the end of march but far busier this year. everything was full, people all over the place. Natural Bridges national monument, north of lake powell. our goal was hiking,& looking for old archeological sites of Anasazi indian culture. we saw some last year but way more this year. in less developed areas you can walk right up and look and it's not all walled off or behind ropes but of course you must be responsible and leave things as they are.

It was a lot warmer than last year. the issue was staying cool not staying warm. the red rock country is really lovely but is not always easy to hike in. most trails are up washes. the washes periodically flood intensely with rain water and rearrange themselves. many plants thorny, scratchy or prickily. still people lived in them for thousands of years and built some elaborate structures much of them quite well preserved. one had dried out corncobs scattered all over, pieces of pottery, old tools. parts of ladders. we plan on going back and doing a backpack so the distances are easier to manage. we hiked 30 miles in 3 days. the light and heat are intense so it's hats, long sleeved shirts, sunglasses from shortly after dawn. most terrain is 7-8000 feet elevation.
Hi Deb, Josie, Valerie, Lori, and Judy--

This morning I did RK with 1 lb. gloves (55:16). I was going to take Max for a walk after dinner last night, but DH slowed me down with tax questions. He always does them at the last minute and has all kinds of kinks to work out because he's a farmer with machinery, animals, etc.

Deb, watch out with the Easter candy!

Lori, I agree that we are finally getting some lovely weather. Tomorrow sounds like summer with a Bermuda high. Then we plummet tonight. I am looking forward to the wedding tonight on GOT. That is a lot of workouts! You will really enjoy Killer Angels.

Valerie, that sounds like a wonderful hike and such interesting sights.

Hi to Josie and Judy.
Good morning,

Today I did Beach Body's "Dirty 30". Love that name.

Lori, that was some workout Saturday! We had great weather too was up to 76 in the afternoon.

Valerie, that trip sounds great and no issues or breakdowns or anything! You have turned the corner LOL!

Lynda, I hear you on the Easter candy. I have it in a bag, upstairs in the den so it is out of my reach. Then John comes home from the grocery store with a box of my favorite sponge candy. You know who was "picking" at that all weekend?

What are everyone's plans for Easter?

Work, then late class tonight,

Take care,
Hi Deb, Josie, Valerie, Lori, and Judy--

This morning I did LLA (48:33).

Deb, isn't that the way with husbands? They think they are doing something considerate, and instead they are enablers. There's a funny scene in Enough Said which you reminded me of--former husband asks for more bread at the restaurant (having dinner with his former wife and their child), and the only one who cannot resist is Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who reminds him that this is what he always did to ruin her efforts to avoid cookies and bread--he'd order more bread at the restaurant and didn't eat it, brought cookies home and never ate one while she scarfed them down.

Not sure what we will be doing for Easter because inlaws are still in Florida. One of our sons may come home that weekend. He did last year.

Nice and summery today, but too much wind to really enjoy being outside. It all goes south tomorrow and back to the cold spring.
Hi Ladies,

I did a 70 mile ride on Saturday and spent Sunday on the road picking up my grandkids. The ride was beautiful it was called "Day On The Ride" to give the new riders a taste of what it is going to be like during the 7 days. The provided us with 4 pit stops and a lunch stop at mid point. The route was beautiful, it took us through the Augura Hill through some beautiful farms and nice hills.

Garance, I will request your BIL as a friend so that I can look at the pictures and so that I can post day 2 of the ride. Can you please let him know.

Deb, since you are the first one to post every day, I will e-mail you day by day pictures so that you can share them with every one else. Is that OK with you?

Lori, that was a great workout day for you!

Valerie, so glad that you finally had a great vacation without any incidents :)

Judy, I'm glad that your FIL is moving near you. My MIL used to get out of her house at night and wonder around. Thank God for the neighbors watching out for her.

Hi Everyone,

This morning I did a 45 minute Spinerval. Tonight we are going over to help with moving FIL into Assisted Living. The good news is that he will be safe, the not so good news is that he had to go into the memory care unit and there was no opening in the facility closest to us. That means he will be in Ann Arbor for now. If something comes open here we might be able to relocate. Still, it is so much better than having him living alone in his house.

I'll post more later, have a great week!

Good evening ladies!

Slept in today and relaxing now so today is my rest day.

Lynda...Ha the DH enabler. Yup I have one too. He is always trying to get me to eat something terrible but delicious! Have not watched GOT yet. My son did and was shocked!!! Can't wait to see it.

No plans for Easter other than sunrise service at our church then breakfast afterwards also at the church. Should be nice as always.

Josie...I would love to see the pictures of your ride. The Day on the Ride sounded like it was a beautiful ride.

Judy...good to hear your FIL will be safe. Hoping an opening is available at the closer one soon. Still good that he is in an assisted living finally.

Deb...Dirty 30 sounds hysterical. What was the workout like?

Valerie...welcome back! Your trip sounded wonderful. 30 miles in 3 days is a lot of hiking in that elevation. Good for you guys. Like I said before I love reading your post about your vacations. You describe them so well I picture myself there!

Have a great night!
I plain sloughed off yesterday. did grocery shopping, laundry, no workout. today we did a 33 mile ride. Josie, that is so terrific that you can ride that far without problems. I know my legs would do it, but my wrist, especially the left one, would drive me crazy. it's better wearing summer gloves. the winter gloves with full fingers never have much padding for unknown reasons. my butt has hardened up well and I think I could do more mileage there too. we will see how the season progresses. yes we'd love to see pics!

Judy, I can only say my aunt has done amazingly well in a memory care facility... it's hard to believe she had so much trouble at regular assisted living, and it was a very nice place. "sundowning" is a common problem for older people where they do fine during the day but evening and nighttime cause problems for them. I don't know the reason. hope your FIL does better with a program to follow and people to encourage him and present things the right way. my aunt was doing poorly, but has done 500% better at memory care. she is back to her old self with people making sure she takes meds regularly on time, eats and drinks properly, and has some community support. the difference is amazing. she's still old and has problems, but is much happier and is more active and doing things again. I do NOT know what this facility does differently but the difference was amazing. Hope your FIL does well there.

lori, don't beat yourself up... dogs (and kitties) can move like lightning when motivated and it's hard to know when a little guy will do something inappropriate before they do it.

those massages sound amazing. I'm still not sure I could relax and enjoy one. I don't know why it's so hard for me... just one completely turned me off to the experience.

we are not religious people so I look to holidays like easter as times when we can get out and do a hike or ride with way fewer people than usual. Hope I'm not offending anyone. I go for a live and let live approach...
our next trip will be shorter, to eastern WA where it's warmer and dryer. hope to go next week, maybe using sunday as the commute day depending on forecast.

Did a 33 mile ride today,. it was warm and sunny and the first ride with shorts ( and winter white legs) and fingerless gloves. so much easier than with all the layers and heavy gear.
Good morning,

Slept in today, no workout. Class was fun last night but ended around very tired today. That, and snow is predicted. Seriously.

Lynda, yep, enablers. I can tell him that I am trying to cut down on something, and the next thing you know, it's there in the refrigerator, or on the counter. Your in-laws have a place in Florida that they go to each year correct? That's great that they are still able to do this.

Josie, what a great ride! As for posting pics, I wouldn't mind, however to post them here, you have to upload them to one of those picture saving sites, eg, then bring them over here to post. I can do that if you want to give me one or 2 for each day. We can track your progress etc! :). Then we can see them all afterwards when you post on that site you used before.

Judy, the good thing is the one closer has a memory care long as you put your name on a list you should be able to get him there soon. My cousin has moved my uncle twice. Once to get him closer to her, and then unfortunately, she had to move him from there to a facility with a memory care unit. The closer one didn't have that. :(.

Lori, the "Dirty 30" is weight work, where there are 4 rounds, 2 exercises each round, with 15 second rest in between, and you repeat each round. It is just under 30 minutes, hence the name. :)

Valerie, sometimes you just need a day like that, gives your body a break. Especially when you are doing 33 mile rides! I am not a person that likes massages either, but I never had a foot massage, except during a pedicure they sometimes do that for a bit. I think I could really use one of those!

Work, then home to crash. I need to start getting the food for Sunday,

Take care,
Hi Ladies,

Took the kids to lunch and to Venice Beach yesterday and today we will be going to the butterfly exhibit at the museum of natural history. I'm going to do muscle endurance later on today.

Deb, I'm just going to e-mail you the pictures and then you can jus e-mail them to everyone else. I don't have the old website anymore :(

I will be back later.

Hi Deb, Josie, Valerie, Lori, and Judy--

This morning I did Jazzercise Hiit (47 min.).

Josie, I take it you are not on Facebook? I will pm you my BIL's e-mail and let him know about the ride. A couple years ago we went to a butterfly exhibit at Boston's Museum of Natural History. It was fantastic with so many beautiful butterflies flying around and landing on you. Most of the children were enthralled, but a few had to be reprimanded for trying to touch the butterflies, and one kid, maybe 5 years old, actually was freaked out and crying. Never thought anyone could be scared of butterflies.

Deb, they are not predicting snow here, but it's supposed to drop down into the 20s tonight. At the moment it's 72 degrees, but I brought a heavy jacket to my office because by the time I leave, it's supposed to be very cold. I have a weakness for peanuts, and of course DH always buys them and leaves them on the counter. I measure out 1/4 C. so I don't just keep grabbing handfuls.

Lori, you won't be shocked by GOT because you have read the books, and know what happens at Joffrey's wedding reception. So a year ago was the Boston bombing at the marathon.

Judy, from what Valerie reports about her aunt, a memory care unit will probably make a world of difference for your FIL.

Valerie, 33 miles is nothing to sneeze at. I guess both DH and I were raised in TOO religious families and as a result, we are both not enthused by organized religion. I was confirmed as a Lutheran, but never felt that it was a very warm spiritual place for me. More like Ingmar Bergman's Winter Light, if you know that film. I also found out that Luther was a bit crazy. So much for education!

I am on Facebook, I just want you to let him know that I will be requesting him as a friend. That way he won't think who the heck is this person ;)

Judy, obviously everyone is different...I hope FIL does well. We were at wit's end with "Aunt B". She was driving everyone crazy, not taking meds appropriately, kept getting sick with weird things, arguing with everyone, generally awful to deal with. she lost things left and right. she has severe vision loss, and needs hearing aids but she was also confused and sitting in her room alone much of the time. She was switched to her other son's care in another city and also to a memory care place. it's more $ than the assisted living but not THAT much more. I don't know what's done differently but she is like a new person. reasonable, more social, walking around a lot more. so I hope your FIL has a similar outcome.

Tee hee... no problem with my DH being an enabler.... he hates shopping and would never go if he had a choice. usually he doesn't need to.

I have a bunion-ish spot on my left foot. it isn't very big but it causes discomfort sometimes and the thought of a foot massage with someone rubbing it and torqueing it around is plain scary! I will need surgery eventually but right now it settles down with anti-inflammatory drugs so hopefully I can put it off. I don't like the idea of 6 weeks in a boot.

My family was not especially religious. somehow it never made any sense to me. I was raised Lutheran and then had a strong dose of jehovah's witness "training" and then a strong exposure to Mormonism. DH has some very VERY devout catholics in his. I don't like to argue or fuss about it, I just don't want involvement. I respect other peoples right to believe what they want and I hope I can get the same respect in return. not always as easy as it sounds.

I'm pleased with 33 miles ... more glove padding helped a lot. legs and butt were fine. I would like to increase my potential comfortable mileage so I could do longer rides without worrying. I always worry I'll get 30 miles into a 50 miler and get so numb I'll have to hitch a ride back to the start.

Wow snow and 30 degrees! I don't envy you.

We are still struggling with the mud slide. it is up to I think 37 bodies recovered with 5 or so still missing. the debate is what to do to fix the road which will need to be relocated because the slide diverted the river. the amount of debris may not be movable. I understand the President will be here next week to view the situation and have kind words for the survivors. the road is causing a huge and costly delay... time and gas and inconvenience without an end in sight.

I haven't heard any news about my friend with the pancreatic cancer. I'm assuming her surgery went as scheduled and her husband has not made any statements yet.
Good evening ladies!

This morning was T25 cardio and tonight was gym style legs. My coworker that I am doing T25 with has lost 12 lbs since we have started! Very happy for him!

I was raised roman catholic and went to catholic schools thru the 12th grade. I recently within the last few years switch to methodist because I just felt I wanted a change. I am not overly religious but do have faith and I love the fellowship between our members.

My brother is having surgery this Friday. This is where my faith comes in and I will be saying tons of prayers for him!!!!

Valerie...hoping your friends surgery was successful. Please let me know how she is doing. So sad 37 people died. Heartbreaking.

Lynda..hard to believe it has been a year. The memorials today were beautiful. We are suppose to have snow showers tomorrow. Can't believe I just typed that.

Hi to Deb, Judy and Josie!
Good morning,

Workout done, coffee fix going. I did the first Beach Body one called Total Body Cardio Fix. I have to modify a few of the moves but it's still pretty good.

Josie, e-mail me your favorites each day, and I will put a couple up here.

Lynda, we did not get the snot that they predicted...some flakes that melted as soon as they hit the ground...the ground that was 76 degrees the day before. :).

Valerie, hope your friend is doing ok. The mudslide situation is horrible.

Lori, I will keep your brother in my thoughts. I saw that some protester actually brought a back pack with a rice cooker to the memorial? Some type of protest or something. Sick people in this world.

Judy, FIL all moved in? how is he doing there?

Work, then a dog club meeting where we load up the trailer for the trial this weekend. The one that I had to pull from due to the warehouse move Friday... :(

Take care
Every day without snot is a good one!!
GREAT typo Deb.

What a totally twisted sense of "humor" re the backpack with rice cooker. Terrible thing to do.

Lori, best of luck to your brother. I guess I've forgotten exactly what surgery he is intending to have.... pancreas related...

Only did yoga yesterday then garden work in the afternoon. it was supposed to be rainy but it was warm and partly sunny so we hung out in the yard. guess we could have ridden but didn't.
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