Pentagenarians & Beyond: W/B 2/4


I have been obsessing over the fact that I am at the upper end of my usual weight limit. I have been trying to drop around 2 lbs just to be careful and the scale will not budge an ounce. I have been adding more cardio now. I have monitored my calories and trying to cut back on cream in my coffee to some degree. Today I finally decided to pull out the Omron and check my body fat and I was at 16.4% That is down 2% from the last time I checked which is some time ago. I guess maybe I put on some muscle. I hate letting the scale run my thoughts!! I had been lowering cardio and doing more weight and shorter workouts. So, I may have added muscle weight after all. Clothes fit the same and my goal was to lose bodyfat and gain muscle, but I can't get past the scale not budging :( It is a mental thing I guess. Also, lately I have had a couple of cookies or brownies when I bake for the family. I feel that has to stop anyway.

Judy, I checked and I do have the Now Stevia. That is the one I was referring to. :)

Carolyn, I was going to do the Fit Split Low Impact this morning, then realized there was disc work in it and I decided against it. I like them sometimes, but I was not in the mood for disc work and sometimes they actually make my knees hurt with the resistance from certain angles.
Nice you got your workout in before you went to the meeting :)
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Good afternoon ladies!

Yesterday was Ride and today I subbed in FT Tone and Tighten for Cardio Supercuts. This is my favorite of the Live FT workouts. My arms are exhausted afterwards. I followed up with a LEKfit Bounce. Great workout today.

We took GiGi today for her annual exam and she weighs 75 lbs! What happened to our little puppy!!!

Diane Sue...thanks for the link for the fan. I may get one when I have extra points. When I am converting a lot of files my external hard drive gets rather warm. This will be good to cool it. My bungees will be in on Wednesday. I love them and can’t wait to put them on. I buy the ultra strong bungees and will need my son 1/2 way thru. After putting so many on my hands are like jello. I also bought a travel case for it. When we go to the Cape I place in the back of the car with only a blanket to protect it.With the amount of money this cost it made sense to me to get the case - since we go to the Cape about 4 times a year. I do not have Kettlebells. Will I be able to substitute a dumbbell in Build and Burn?

Deb...I love the Standing Ab work in Cardio Core Circuit. I need to revisit this. Been a while. I have the live list done. But it is on my work laptop which I forgot at work!!! I am so sorry. For the Roku once I plug in I just need to sign into the wifi wherever I am. Only takes a second. Glad your eye appt went well. I go every year and my last visit my left eye significantly changed. Needed to get all new glasses and sunglasses. :(

Valerie..glad you are feeling a little better. I hear plantar fasciitis can be very painful. Hope you get relief soon. Fortunately, I have not had an issue with all the rebounding I do. I keep my mat pretty firm on the bellicon. Softer on the jumpsport. But sometimes when my cat is lounging on my Jumpsport (heaven forbid I move her!!) I will do my planned workout on the bellicon barefoot. I know this is confusing but when on the bellicon I am usually wearing sneakers but barefoot on the Jumpsport. Anyways, my balls of my feet sometimes get sore when barefoot on the bellicon. This hurts and I can’t imagine having plantar fasciitis! I feel for you!

Judy...thanks for sharing the link to Linda’s new dvd. It looks like something I would like. I am also eyeing the drop sets. 2lazy4thegym gave it a great review and it sounds hard!!! If I get it will be the downloads and lower only. I have plenty of upper. I love her non nonsense approach.

Hi to all!!!!

Have a great night!!


Lori, yes, you can substitute a dumbbell in Build and Burn. Kelly often has someone using a dumbbell in place of the kettle bell in her workouts. I wear shoes on the Urban Rebounder because it is pretty firm. I imagine with the Jump Sport you have enough give that it is okay for doing it with bare feet. I noticed that Amy Ross uses hers most of the time bare foot and does kettlebells barefoot. If I ever get a Bellicon I think I would want the firmer surface.

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