Overdeveloped gluteus medius muscles

How to reduce muscle size in certain areas while continuing to work other areas?

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Hi! I've been working out for a couple years now, but started doing certain exercises for the past few months that actually work the gluteus medius (side lunges, hip abduction, etc.) at the time, I wasn't sure what the gluteus medius really was, i thought it was literally in the middle of the butt. (Lol.. Wasn't that knowledgeable on the topic) but anyway, now I've noticed that my gluteus medius is overdeveloped (and my hips look a little larger than normal, and it's just an overall weird look). I would like to reduce this muscle size but continue building my gluteus Maximus muscles. Any tips how I can achieve this? (Since we're talking about overdeveloped muscles, can I ask too.. How can I avoid building my oblique muscles (side ab muscles) while continuing to work my middle abs to achieve a toned middle ab look, but no muscles on the sides (cause from personal experience, muscles on the obliques have made my waist appear larger)

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