Overcome With Emotion

Cathe Friedrich

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I can not begin to tell you how overcome with emotion I truly am. Reading all of your wonderfully supportive, informative, and even humorous posts has just made me completely teary eyed. My dogs can sense this and have been so adorably consoling. They have done everything shy of carrying a box of tissues to me. I'm sure thats next
. I think that they think I am sad but I keep telling them that I'm happy. Thanks for every one of your well wishes. You are a very special fitness family to me!


You, Your baby, Your dogs

Cathe -

Although many of us have not been lucky enough to meet you on the VF trips, we all care so much about you and are happy for you during this fantastic time!

Your baby's scan is beautiful, and your dogs sound like they are really wonderful. My puppy (2 years old Black lab - Emma) is also very empathic, and she is a great "mom" to my 7 month old girl. My daughter was born with a head full of hair (that never fell out), and my dog seemed to think she was a puppy and kept licking her hair. They are now the best of friends, and I Find that whenever the baby is not too happy (bored, sleepy - but not ready to fall off, etc) I bring her to where the puppy is, and she is really happy!

Best wishes, and I hope your son brings you as much joy as my daughter has brought me!


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