Oldie But Goodie! Slide & Glide!


So I'm still in the process of being cautious with my knee and today was an open cardio day for me and it was a toss up between Perfect 30 Low impact HIIT double, Fit Split Low Impact HIIT double or Slide and Glide's Double Trouble double cardio premix. I decided to go with Slide & Glide's Double Trouble and dang, I forgot what a good cardio workout that was! Those jacks on the discs are almost as intense as doing regular jumping jacks and I really liked the little breaks of those pulsing squats because it was the perfect chance to readjust my feet on the discs. And those slow mountain climbers were killer. Now I don't know why I stopped doing that workout because even though it was the same segment repeated twice, it gave the ideal cardio blast. And what was better was that my knee did fine throughout. Tuesday I did my first weighted lower body workout, LITE Stacked Sets Lower Body and once again, was careful and did fine. I've found the Genu Train line from Bauerfiend and I'm just trying to decide which knee support to order. Once I get it and get used to it, then I'll slowly ease back into some higher impact stuff. I only got $100 from my medical insurance rebate, so I'll try to find the support on ebay for less.
I am trying to use more of my older Cathe dvds right now. I have all up to Ripped with HiiT. I've had her On Demand since the start but I might have to take a break from that for a few months so I've decided to go back to all the dvds I have an start using them again. I never realized how much I haven't used my dvds because most days I either do a Cathe live or use the blender or newer workouts online. Thanks for the reminder about Slide and Glide, I think I'll do that one in a few days.
I'm a big fan of Slide n Glide too. The Double Trouble premix is one I use often. The best thing about it is that it's really fun! It's also one of my go-tos for travel, since all you need are the discs and bands to do the whole workout. This and Total Body Trisets are the best ones to have from the LIS series, IMO.
Afterburn and Athletic Training are 2 more of my favorites from the LIS. I’ve actually been able to do Afterburn twice since my knee problem. I’m not ready for Athletic Training because I’m not quite ready to use a step yet.
LIS is deceptively hard! I think the toughest of the bunch is Athletic Training. It just never lets up. Afterburn is probably a close second. Good for you for being able to do it twice after your knee trouble!

My favorite workout from the entire series is total body trisets. I love the lower body workout so much! The upper body workout is great too. Both workouts work your balance, coordination, and core in addition to the main muscle groups being worked. That whole series was a true winner.

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