oily skin = egg white mask


Just wanted to pass along a tip that really worked for me...
just a plain 'ol egg white slathered on clean skin; just enough to really cover the oily areas - no need to use the entire egg white (save the rest to use again later in the week).
Leave it on for about 20 minutes and then rinse with water.
**Avoid the eye and the mouth areas,** the mask will tighten and maybe even itch a tad bit.
The oil slick my face usually becomes by the end of the day was not there - and my skin looked smoother.
It worked so well that I threw away the other masks that have been taking space in the medicine cabinet - the egg white worked better for me than any of them, and Lord knows it sure is less expensive!
I've heard of the egg whites mask, but haven't tried it.
I eat eggs, but it just sounds like
it would be a weird/gross texture.

here's a simple and great mask I like:
honey + cinnamon start out with about a teaspoon of each, I just mix in in my hand.
then add more if you need it.
you can use as a spot treatment or on wherever you want on your face.
rub it around to exfoliate.
both ingredients supposedly help with acne, anti bacterial,
good quality honey also has lots of healthy stuff for us.
it's late, I'm tired,can't remember what the good stuff was called
but we all know honey is awesome.
plus, you smell great after, and my daughter's fav. part
you can eat it lol.

avacodo and honey is also good, but lay down.
it can be goopy and drippy.

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