Oh my gosh !! The DOMS


Hello everybody, I have been away from regular exercise for about a year. Injuries and life got in the way. Things are back to normal (thank goodness) and I am back in the saddle and 30 pounds heavier. Tuesday was leg day and my question is - what do you do for the doms?? I am so sore today I cant even walk up the stairs. Exercise seems out of the question. Massage, no thank you. Soak in the tub-no time for that. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Carol


Epson salt lotion which does the same as Epson salt tube soak and if really bad to the point that its affecting my work ( er nurse with to much pulling/lifting/walking/bending then advil I've had to work on a post leg/glute day where every step was painful which I actually love it weight lifting is so cool but my coworkers were getting a laugh at my "old lady" routine. I remember one day my booty hurt so bad that my drive home was just unbearable LOL


I feel for you. After having a partial hip replacement 6 months after surgery finally decided to do an actual leg workout. Prior my leg workouts were my low impact cardio. I started STS again and skipped the first week of legs and then decided the second week I wanted to give it a try. I backed way off on the weight previously used. The one week I had DOMS so bad. I was sore for a good 4 days and finally on the 5 day I started feeling better just in time for another leg workout.

As everyone else already stated... keep moving, gentle stretching, and plenty of water. Glad you're back at it and you know you have the support of all of us Cathletes. As Justine stated "enjoy the DOMS and wear them with pride". :D


BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) are supposed to help -- whey protein is rich in BCAAs. So maybe try a post-workout whey protein shake? FWIW.

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