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I need some paint help for my bedroom. We recently replaced the carpet and thought we liked it when we brought the sample home, but now that it is installed, we hate it!! The problem is our bedroom walls are a light gray with blue undertones, the carpet is a med/dark gray that we thought matched, but it's definitely got green undertones, like a slate gray. So now it looks like we have green carpet and light blue walls (an exaggeration, but you get what I mean?). Our wood work in white, we have taupe Roman shades and our furniture is a dark chocolate brown. We obviously aren't replacing the carpet, but we now need to paint the walls. I was thinking a light "true" gray with little to no undertones to maybe "neutralize" the green/gray carpet yet still match the shades (???) I really don't want a light gray paint with green undertones b/c I think it will make our bedroom look green. The same light paint color will go in our adjoining master bedroom and I don't want a "sea foam" green look there b/c it won't match the tile and river rock/gray grout floor in our shower. Am I on the right track? Any suggestions? I can replace the window treatments but not thrilled about spending more money. Not sure which way to go with the bedding either, was thinking of plain white (I worry about it getting too dirty though) or a taupe or white with taupe comforter to tie in the Roman shades. I'm so confused!! Help!! TIA!!


I would stay away from a light gray wall coloring, I think that the deeper gray of the carpet will cast shadows of the green on to the walls, especially as the lighting in the room changes throughout the day.

My thought would be to go with a taupe color slightly lighter than your shades. Maybe add an accent wall of wallpaper that pulls a little of the dark gray from the carpet, the taupe from the shades and the wall and then some colors that your really like. Or if wallpaper isn't your thing, paint one wall a solid color that has absolutely no green undertones, like a navy or brick.

Use an off-white (ecru) spread, mix in accent color (plaids are really hot right now) shams, toss pillows and a throw at the end of the bed.

As for the color in the master bath, I would go one tone up from your shades and add towels with the same accent color(s) you pick for the bedroom.

Picking carpet from such small samples is so hard. I once picked what a thought was a lovely sand tone and installed, it just looked like dirt!

Distracting the eye with great pops of color is the key to making the carpet fade away.

Hope this helps,
Debbie Russo


Thanks for your thoughts. I ran some of the ideas past hubby. I agree what you say about the light gray and the carpet casting color on the walls. Hubby says no to the lighter taupe walls b/c that's the color the entire house was when we bought it. The marble in the bathroom is taupe/cream/white and with taupe walls, well he says he "doesn't want a brown bathroom". :( I had an off-white comforter and with the white wood work it looked odd. Your ideas have given me some things to think about! Thanks! :)


Before you paint bring home some paint samples and tape them to your bedroom wall. Look at them for a few days at different times of the day. Then after a few days put the paint samples on a different wall to see them in a different light. After a few days star eliminating samples. Don't be in a rush. Keep putting them on different walls and you will probably get some idea of what you like. I have taken many weeks to pick out a paint color.


Not a problem! I think I have every sample card from the store, lol! I actually get scrap dry wall pieces and paint a sample on the boards and then move the boards around the room. I don't have to have that "patchwork quilt" appearance of actual paint on my walls that way!


Since your carpet and furniture seem to be darker, I like your initial thought of going with a white wall. However, an off-white would probably be best to soften things. I also like the idea of pulling from the taupe for the bed coverings but nothing patterned...just simple one color since you have some dark, different colors going on already (or maybe off white--Pottery Barn has some really nice quilted ones...that is where I got mine), with a pillow or 2 (preferably not more) for a smack of a different interesting accent color... Then you could pick up that smack of color in the pillows along with a few reasonable accents in the room such as a few choice items. You could also pick up the taupe, gray carpet and your choice of color smack in a picture over your bed that is nicely framed and matted. I have gotten some nicely done pieces from Nothing too busy, it should be somewhat serene.... a lot of junk (both decor and personal items) in a bedroom is scientifically shone to affect the calmness rating and impede a good night's sleep.

Just some ideas I have picked up from working with my decorator.

Best wishes.

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