Odd troubles with chapters and moving workouts to iTunes


Once I got the workout blender downloaded it was easy to put together a new workout, and unlike others, when I "created" it, it only took 7 or 8 minutes, not the hours and hours that some are describing.

However, when I transfer the workout to iTunes, I am losing the last 3 or 4 chapters. I have experimented some, and it doesn't appear to be specific to those workout sections (meaning they transfer over fine in another blended workout). I "fixed" that by adding several chapters at random to the end of the workout -- sure enough, those were the ones that were stripped off, and it appeared that I was left with what I wanted.

When I was previewing the new workout on iTunes, I noticed that at least one of the chapters from the center of the workout was dropped.

If it's helpful, the two workouts I've been using are Core Cardio Circuit and Push and Pull.

Overall, I think this looks like an amazing tool! Thank you!
Hello gwynnf,

I have verified the problems that you are having with chapters dropping out with these two workouts and have passed the information along to the head developers. Thank you for giving us the detailed information.

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