OCTOBER ROTATION...4 day split

Cathe Friedrich

In this rotation you will do a 4 day split routine. One day will be chest, triceps and shoulders. One day will be standing leg exercises and core/ab work. One day will be back and biceps. And finally, one day will be floorwork leg exercises and core/ab work. This rotation will provide recommended exercise variety to your current rotation, improve posture, and provide great overall muscle symmetry. Four weekly cardio workouts are included with this program to continue to burn body fat as you build lean muscle mass. Enjoy!


Monday: Pure Strength Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Tuesday: CTX Kickbox (warm up and cardio only) then Pure Strength Legs (standing work only) and ABS

Wed: OFF

Thurs: MIC (warm up and Hi/Lo only) then Pure Strength Back and Biceps (skip the ab segment)

Fri: IMAX of your choice

Sat: Pure Strength Legs (Floorwork leg portion only) and Pyramid Lower Body (Floor/Ball leg work only). Then 6 minutes of plank work from Ab Hits.

Sun: Step Works


Monday: Slow and Heavy Legs only plus a different 10 minute segment of Ab Hits

Tuesday: Slow and Heavy Chest, S&H Shoulders, S&H Triceps

Wed: Step Fit plus the ab work from Power Hour

Thurs: Cardio Kicks

Fri: OFF

Sat: Slow & Heavy Back , Slow and Heavy Biceps, 30 minute run

Sun: Pure Strength Legs (Floorwork leg portion only) and Pyramid Lower Body (Floor/Ball leg work only) plus a different 10 minute segment of Ab Hits, then any CTX cardio only


Monday: 45 minute walk/run plus a different 10 minutes of Ab Hits

Tuesday: OFF

Wed: Pyramid Lower Body standing portion only. Plus Body Max (NOT including the upper body weight segment)

Thurs: CTX Chest only/POWER HOUR Chest only...CTX Shoulders only/POWER HOUR Shoulders only....CTX Triceps only/POWER HOUR Triceps only

Fri: Pure Strength Legs (Floorwork leg portion only) and Pyramid Lower Body (Floor/Ball leg work only). Plus Pure Strength Abs.

Sat:..CTX Back only/MIS back only...CTX biceps only/POWER HOUR biceps only, Power Hour abs only, then 5 intervals of IMAX 1

Sun: MIC in its entirety


Monday: Leaner Legs in its entirety

Tuesday: PS chest, shoulders, triceps (optional: any CTX cardio only)

Wed: Pure Strength Legs (Floorwork leg portion only) and Pyramid Lower Body (Floor/Ball leg work only). Plus only the ab segment of Leaner Legs.

Thurs: OFF

Fri: PS back and biceps, abs. Then do any CTX cardio only

Sat: CTX cardio only (pick one)

Sun: CTX cardio only (pick one)



Oh my gosh - you poor thing. I kept checking to see if you'd post but I wouldn't have dared to remind you considering what you're trying to get done right now. This one looks amazing!!!


I was soo excited when I seen the Oct Rotation. I was anxious to see what Cathe would have for us this month. It looks great. I am starting today! Thanks Cathe!



I really needed the rest day today. I've done every rotation so far. Although I've enjoyed them all, I have to say that I've had amazing results with this particular month. The only other rotation that produced such quick results was the Intensity rotation.


OK, I have a bone to pick with Cathe--she nearly killed me on Wednesday of Week 3. Following PLB standing work with Body Max, sans upper body work, is cruel and unusual punishment! Yee-gads, woman!


Yep. I ended up leaving the last circuit off cuz I was just FRIED! However, in the true spirit of frying, I am repeating week 3 (finishing up this weekend) before moving on to week 4. Really loving this rotation, though. The 4 day split fits my schedule well.


This has been a really interesting rotation for me - I never thought it would be as tough as it was! The sequence of body parts was really well thought out.

I hate to be a pest but technically, the November rotation should start tomorrow (October 27) because of the way the four weeks fell this time. Cathe - if you can't get to it, then I'll just repeat week 1 of the October rotation. Thanks!!


Hi All,

Just thought I would bump up last years October rotation for those who enjoy the challenge of Cathe's monthly rotations. I know it's been done, but it has been a year and it does seem like a good one.

Just a thought,

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