October 2021 Rotation

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone,

We are officially in October, the month of tricks, treats and more treats! With temptations of Halloween candies and goodies all around us, we are going to make sure we come in strong and go out even stronger! This month is a bit of a boot camp blast with boot camp workouts, cardio leg and circuit workouts all mixed into each week to keep those muscles on fire and those extra calories burning! We will slow it down in between for some focused heavier weight training. Make sure to stay hydrated and take extra rest as needed! Stay strong and stay spooky! Happy Halloween, everyone!

Week 1

M Strong and Sweaty Boot Camp

T Cardio Slam

W Perfect Pump Upper Body

T HiiT Circuit Lower Body

F OFF or yoga/mobility/stretch of choice

S Afterburn

S Perfect Pump Lower Body

Week 2

M Boot Camp Circuit

T Perfect HiiT High Impact

W Pyramid Pump Upper Body Only

T Cardio Leg Blast

F OFF or yoga/mobility/stretch of choice

S Athletic Training

S Pyramid Pump Lower Body Only

Week 3

M 4DS Boot Camp

T All Out Low Impact HiiT

W Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper Body

T Lift it HiiT it Legs

F OFF or yoga/mobility/stretch of choice

S Circuit Blast

S Strong Body Stacked Sets Lower Body

Week 4

M Intensity Series Boot Camp

T Plyo HiiT Two

W Total Body Trisets Upper Body Only

T Lower Body Blast

F OFF or yoga/mobility/stretch of choice

S Metabolic Blast

S Total Body Trisets Lower Body Only



Yay! I love Boot Camps/Circuits. What's a good low impact substitute for Athletic Training? It pops up in so many of your monthly rotations, but it's not my fave. Just this year, it was in Feb, Mar, May, July, Aug and Sep. The beginning cardio part is just not for me. Why do you almost always include it?

Lady Vol Fan

What's a good low impact substitute for Athletic Training?
Just an observation, but I noticed in this rotation she has focused workouts on lower body twice a week. Where Athletic training occurs in this rotation, it might be a good time to substitute an upper body focus ..(.like Perfect 30 upper premix) to sort of balance that out.


I noticed that focus on lower body too ... similar to Rock Bottoms rotations, where one LB is regular strength training & one is contrast training.... interesting.

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