Nutrition: Baking a Low gi - Protein bread loaf

Hi Everyone,

I am experimenting baking my own loaf bread.
So far I have baked, through the raising process, a whomeal /protein (from soya flour) bread. The bread wasn't moisten enough for my taste!:confused::cool:

Has anyone managed to bake a healthy bread loaf with any of following ingredients:

[*]Brown rice flour.
[*]Oat flour.

*) wholemeal flour.

* ) Any combination of above plus some protein.

Hope to hear from your kitchen healthy skills and tips very soon

All the best everyone, Let's train hard;):)
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I haven't tried baking one since I can purchase it easily on store. I do bake but pastries. Try harder, I used to experiment with my baking skills too, and after some time I perfected each recipes.

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