November Pregnancy/TTC Check-in

How was your Halloween? Did you get a lot of trick-or-treaters at your house? Did you get to show your cute DD off to your neighors in her costume? :) We ended up walking around our neighborhood/community for 2 hours! My DD is not even 3 yet and she held up like a champ, walking the entire time. I guess she's a Cathlete in training. She could have walked around even longer but it was getting too dark and late. Since we were gone the whole time we just left a bowl of candy on our doorstep for the kiddos to choose from. It was a really fun night for our family. Lots of good pics and memories.

Today I did Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones. I always use more weight than Jillian since she only uses 3lb dumbbells and I had to modify a few moves for pregnancy. This is my favorite Jillian workout out of all that I've done. Do you have any Jillian workouts you like? She has a good number of newer ones I've never tried. People seem to either love or hate her. I typically like her.

Hope you have a great workout and weekend. I will be back on Monday!

Nice work on No More Trouble Zones! I haven't done it for maybe 8 months so don't remember it very well, but I remember liking it. It's more mat work/toning stuff, right? I did a bunch of Jillian when I was just getting back into exercise postpartum. I remember I really liked Hardbody.

Oh that's so exciting that you took your little one out! Yes, we got a bunch of trick or treaters and handed out candy -- complete with DD's bunny suit! Although we turned off the front light when she went to bed so the doorbell and voices wouldn't wake her...
It was so fun, but I can't wait until she's old enough to 'get' Halloween!

This morning I did Rockout Knockout with the heavy bag bonus. I always love this one.
Tomorrow is total body, unless my legs are still feeling too toasted, in which case I'll just do upper body... just trying to have fun and push it in the good way but listen to my body.
Enjoy your day off!
Hi Lisa,
Hope you're enjoying your rest day today!
I did STS Total Body this morning... loved it as much the second time.
Tomorrow is my day off, then I'll do GS Legs or Chest/Tris on Tues, depending on the condition of my various body parts! I have never trained my lower body so hard (I mean training volume in a week, not intensity or volume in a given workout), but I am loving it. I'm intrigued by the Feb 2011 Rock Bottoms rotation but I just don't have that much time to work out... maybe someday when DD is in school! ;)
Happy Sunday,
Monday Fun Day! Today I did PS Legs + Abs. You inspired me since you did this workout last week. Thanks! Unlike you, though, I think I was using lighter weights than Cathe. I just simply cannot keep up with the heavier weight loads for legs anymore because it gets my heartrate soaring in a way that makes me feel uncomfortable during pregnancy. Even though I went lighter it was an awesome workout and I'm already feeling the DOMS settle in.

I think for the next few months I'm going to have to live vicariously through the intensity of your workouts. You are rocking it! I know what you mean about training your lower body hard in terms of weekly volume. When I do rotations like that I keep them to about 4 weeks otherwise I get into the dread factor zone. Sounds like you're being smart about it all by listening to your body. I'm interested in hearing about your results after this rotation is over for you!

Thanks for the suggestion on Hardbody. I've looked into that one before but never purchased it. Yes, No More Trouble Zones is a toning workout but it has a cardio factor because it moves quickly. Won't build muscle with this one but I always feel worked out afterwards.

Make the most of your day off today! ;)

Hi Lisa,
Nice work on PS Legs + Abs! And good that you're listening to your body. Is speaks so clearly during pregnancy, doesn't it? I just remember knowing with certainty when I shouldn't be doing something or other physically.

I hear you about limiting the length of lower-body-heavy rotations. After this month I'm definitely going to need to change things up -- not quite sure what that will look like yet. If RWH hasn't arrived yet, perhaps I'll keep following the Bodybuilding rotation on to two weeks of Low Impact Series -- if so, maybe I'll emphasize more metabolic/circuit training for those two weeks then heavy up for RWH. We'll see...

And hey, I'm hoping that, when you're back to full-steam workouts some time postpartum (though I'm seriously impressed with your ability to keep workout out with intensity during pregnancy), I'll be living vicariously through you!
Speaking of, if you don't mind my asking, did your cycle return while you were still breastfeeding? I'm just hoping I'm not one of the few women who needs to fully wean for her fertility to return... :rolleyes:

Oh yeah, and I should report today's workout, huh? GS Legs (actually my legs were totally fine before my workout this morning -- so I guess they're getting used to the beating!) then Ab Circuits Weights + Plates. I went heavier on my BB weight for squats/deadlifts and felt like I could still keep good form. And while I can't imagine those slow lunges at the end of the standing section will ever feel easy, I definitely felt stronger during them today. That's a great feeling! :D

Tomorrow's GS Pushup Punishment! and maybe a little cardio if DD doesn't wake too early...
Happy Tuesday,
Sounds like everything depends on how fast Cathe gets RWH released. I hope it's sooner rather than later so you can start playing with it and let me know how it is! I'm saving that one to be my "get back in shape after baby" series! I do think an LIS rotation would be an awesome way to round out your heavy bodybuilding rotation. That is my vote, not like that matters because what you want is most important. :)

Nope, my period did not return until after I stopped nursing, and even then it took progesterone and Clomid to get it kickstarted. It's like my body had just gone into hibernation mode in terms of hormones and needed a push to get back to cycling. I'm pretty abnormal in that area of life, always have been, so hopefully your experience will be different from mine. It's all rather confusing actually. I've known women who were breastfeeding + not having periods but actually got pregnant anyway. Then I've known women whose period returns several months into breastfeeding, and others who have to wait a couple months after weaning until the cycle returns.

Do you feel Weights + Plates abs in your legs? That's one I don't do a lot, ESPECIALLY after a leg workout like you did you crazy woman :eek:, because that ab routine lights my hip flexors on fire! You must have some awesome endurance to be able to put those workouts together. Way to go!

Today I did Pyramid Upper Body. I think this is the 3rd time I've done this workout in 3 weeks but I just wanted to. I'm pretty much to the point of waking up and just doing what sounds fun. I still try to balance the weights and cardio but I'm definitely not following a set rotation right now. Tomorrow will likely be cardio.

Eat some extra Wheaties today to get ready for your push-ups tomorrow! See you then.

Hey Roz,

Today was cardio. I actually wanted to go to the gym but missed out on the spin class, so the elliptical was the winner (again!). It really wasn't so bad, kept it lively with intervals. That seems to do the trick. I really just need to get a spin bike for my house, I think.

Are you a fan of compression? I'm a big believer in it. My Zensah calf sleeves have helped me manage an achilles issue that pops up every now and again, but for purposes of pregnancy I am experimenting with compression socks. Did you wear them during your pregnancy? I didn't during my first because I wish I would have. At the end and also postpartum I had crazy swelling in my ankles and calves (doc said it was normal but it was still freaky)! I'm starting early this time around. Looking into the Pro Compression brand. If you have used compression, do you have any sock recommendations?

Hope you had a terrific workout today!

Hi Lisa,
Nice work on your elliptical intervals! What intervals do you do?

I'm sorry to say I have no experience with compression socks. When I was pregnant, I had the whole gamut of symptoms, except that my legs/feet remained relatively unswollen. Don't get me wrong, I was plenty bloated and held water, it just didn't particularly accumulate around that part of my body.
Have you checked Amazon reviews for compression socks? That's usually my first stop.
Do you use compression clothing all the time when you work out? What effect do you find it has?

Today I did GS Chest/Tris -- it was a great workout. I did a couple more toe pushups, but actually lightened some of the weights by two pounds or so, and I got out all the reps on almost every set and had greater range of motion and better form (especially on those infinite flys). It was a really great feeling, and I know I'll have the DOMs to prove it tomorrow! Then I set out to do just the warm-up and solid step segment from TTM. I ended up throwing in the step tabata because I still felt strong. When I skipped ahead to the stretch (which I love, esp the part with the discs), I saw the core stuff and remembered I'd enjoyed it, that it was fairly brief, and non-traditional. So I figured I'd throw it in there. Um, I forgot about those release pushups! Joke was on me. (Actually I was able to do them -- I'd had a chest break and they really are very core-intensive -- but still, I hadn't planned to do more than 72 pushups! ;) )

Tomorrow is lower body -- again! :eek: We'll see if I stay with the more traditional stuff or do something different... guess it just depends how I'm feeling. (By the way, I think your go-with-the-flow 'rotation' is perfect for pregnancy! You seem to have a pretty well balanced workout schedule, even without pre-planning your weeks.)

And should I be saying Happy Second Trimester yet??
Hope you're well,
Hi Lisa,

This morning I did Legs & Glutes. Love it, although it’s a bit of a misnomer: more like ‘Legs, Glutes, & Core’! Whew! It was a goodie – I’m glad you recommended it! It was nice to mix up the LB work and get a little variety (i.e., get a break from endless barbell squats).

Tomorrow is GS Back/Shoulders/Bis – although Chest/Tris seriously hits my shoulders, esp. front delts. I’m really feeling good today from yesterday’s workout. I love the body awareness and sense of alignment that this rotation is giving me. The only negative is a little bit of increased neck tension – but I always struggle with this to a certain degree, especially while doing core work. I often have to modify to support my head with a hand.

I think you’re right about doing some lighter weights for a couple weeks after this. Plus, I’m remarkably unacquainted with the LIS so there are several workouts that I want to try out. I’ve done Afterburn and Low Impact Challenge but that’s it. Oh, also Yoga Relax, but honestly I’m not a fan and it’s hard for me to imagine getting into Cathe yoga. I’ve done much yoga in my day and I’ve gotta say I get bored with Cathe yoga.
Do you have any LIS faves?

But I digress…
Hope you and your growing family are well,
Hi Roz,

Whoa, so you ended up doing 100+ push-ups yesterday! Holy smokes. Hats off to you! I'm impressed with the way you are focusing on your form. Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in the "go heavier, go heavier" mentality that form falls by the wayside. Thanks for the reminder, especially since I need to be really focusing on my form right now.

Yes, Legs & Glutes is great! I'm telling you, start digging into those premixes that combine L&G with KPC. You won't regret it! ;) I hope your neck isn't acting up too much. We all seem to have body parts that are prone to injury, don't we? For me it's my feet, calves, and tennis elbow! Anything else for you besides your neck? Let's complain to each other, ha!

My absolute favorite LIS workout is Athletic Training. I believe it's my favorite Cathe metabolic workout. I also really like the 20 minute step circuit add-on (I believe it's included on Cardio SS and the Low Impact Challenge Step workouts). It combines step plus toning and I like to use it as a finisher to other workouts, or add it on when I do Cardio SS or LIC.

I don't wear compression tops or bottoms when working out but I do wear my Zensah sleeves when doing cardio and I have a Zensah elbow sleeve for my tennis elbow when it is acting up. I also wear the sleeves for recovery when I'm feeling a tweak coming on. I'm experimenting with the socks for pregnancy and also workout recovery. I have ordered Pro Compression based on reviews. I will let you know how I like them! I know the jury is out but compression--the way I have been using it--has really really helped me.

Intervals on the elliptical either means speed intervals, like 90 seconds steady + 30 seconds sprint, or resistance intervals, like 90 second moderate resistance + 30 seconds heavy resistance. I tweak the timing I use, but that's the general idea!

Today I did The Firm Tough Tape with Tracie Long for the first time ever. Holy smokes! Number 1, I really really like Tracie Long. This is my first workout with her, but I'm already itching to get her new stuff. Number 2, I know where Cathe got the idea to do ENDLESS leg presses on the high step. I swear I've never done so many leg presses in my life, not even in any of Cathe's stuff! Overall I really enjoyed the workout. It was 40 minutes of total body, alternating lots of legs with upper body work. It was lacking core work but that doesn't really matter for me right now since I'm gravitating to planks and pregnancy stuff these days. I added on the 19 minute Weights premix from Step, Jump, Pump to make it an hour. Phew!

Yeah, I'm 13 weeks along now so I'm either at the very end of the first trimester or the beginning of the second. Nobody seems to agree on exactly when the second trimester begins! I'm starting to show a little but am still wearing all my regular clothes. It looks like I've eaten a big meal and am slightly bloated! Attractive, huh?

Have a wonderful day with your daughter!

Hi Lisa,

I really want to try those L&G/KPC premixes you mentioned. But since I have On Demand (and don’t have a lot of the DVDs), I don’t have those premixes. Sounds like they’ll soon be launching the online Workout Blender where we On-Demand-ers will have access to the premixes as well as the ability to create workouts with chapters from workouts. I can’t wait!!

I’m so excited to try Athletic Training – it has been at the top of my to-try list for quite some time, but I never seem to get it in. Maybe because I struggle to get metabolic workouts into my rotations… I mean, my understanding is that they don’t ‘count’ towards the 48-hour-rest-between-working-the-same-muscle-group rule (i.e., you can throw them in between two heavy UB weight days), but I find that MWT really stills work my smaller muscle groups, esp. shoulders.

Nice job on your workout yesterday! I’m impressed that you added on the weights premix from Step, Jump, & Pump. It’s great that you’re staying so fit during your pregnancy! I did workout during my pregnancy, but I feel like I would have benefited from a little more. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20, and I guess I have to assume was listening to my body at the time. It was probably that I’d significantly cut down on working out to get my cycle back. I was eating plenty but my body fat really was too low (significantly lower than it is now). But then by the time I got pregnant, my fitness level had decreased, and it certainly didn’t increase during my pregnancy.

I had a couple pregnancy-specific DVDs: ‘The Perfect Pregnancy Workout’ (which I actually liked quite a bit – it’s mostly just toning but there’s some great stuff in there and I liked the woman, a former Cirque du Soleil acrobat who’s very pregnant and very fit in the video) and Tracy Anderson’s prenatal series. Wasn’t such a fan of the latter. Endless leg lifts on all fours, total boredom, total dread. I did like some of the lighter upper body stuff that incorporated some great pregnancy-specific stretching. Definitely no muscle-building there, though! ;)

Congrats on entering your 2nd tri! It’s such an excellent feeling to be in the ‘safer zone’ (or at least that was my experience, having had a miscarriage before my pregnancy with DD). Hope your nausea gets the memo and lifts, stat.

Today I did GS Back/Shoulders/Bis. I need to get longer resistance bands, as I think the band work using my shorter bands in the GS workouts is contributing to my neck tension. As much as I keep good form, relax non-working muscles, etc., that band work just seems to go right up to my neck. I actually used 3# weights in place of the bands for a few of the finishers, which was a good modifier for me.

Then I did yesterday’s Cathe Live: Solid Cardio + HiiT. Loved it! Was just going to do a part of it, but it was so fun I had to do it all. I was tired at the start, but halfway through I think I was getting more air on the jab-cross-reach-pulls than I ever have. Guess I can chalk that up to the music pumping and the fun factor! So then I was feeling really sassy from that, and I added on the Stability Ball Abs from an earlier Live – one of the boxing workouts. Love all stability ball abs – totally indiscriminate. Though my other recurring physical complaint is that my tailbone really bugs me in some core work, especially anything with a full sit-up or a boat pose. Tripling up my mat usually makes it OK. Not the end of the world, but annoying when it acts up.

And yes, I know that look-like-I-just-ate-a-big-meal feeling of earlyish pregnancy. You might say, I was in the same bloat! ;)

Hope you’re well,
Ha ha, "I was in the same bloat!" I need to remember that one!

Awesome workout today, Roz. I'm so jealous of your On Demand and Cathe Live access. I can't justify On Demand because I own every last single one of Cathe's DVDs but Cathe Live is definitely on my radar. I'm just debating whether or not it's worth it during pregnancy given that my workout abilities will continue to be changing (and decreasing, most likely). Definitely one day, though!

I don't have neck issues but I pretty much always substitute 3 or 5lb dumbbells for the upper body band work in Cathe's videos (or if it is band + barbell, I just up my weights and skip the band). Something about the band for upper body just seems awkward to me. Glad I'm not the only one. But I definitely do not share your love of stability ball abs. :) Anytime you do abs with the ball, there is a high chance Cathe is going to throw in some pikes. Talk about dread factor!

I've heard great things about The Perfect Pregnancy Workout. I will probably end up buying that eventually. I've seen Tracy Anderson's DVD as well, but her style just does not click with me. So far I've been very happy with The Firms, modifying Cathe, and modifying KCM, with the occasional gym trip thrown in.

Today = Low Impact Challenge from the LIS series. You got that series on my brain so I had to do something from it! I hear you about MWT videos. I have a hard time fitting them in when I am doing heavy weights. A lot of time I end up doing them on a Monday (after my rest day on Sunday) when my muscles are fresh, or at the end of a week on Saturday (after a pure steady state cardio on Friday). I can't wait for you to try AT!

I'm so sorry to hear you had a miscarriage. That is such a hard thing to go through. How soon after were you able to conceive your DD? I have not had a miscarriage, thankfully, but I can relate to the fear of a pregnancy being viable and also the experimentation with body fat/ diet/ exercise for fertility. It's crazy how some women can literally run marathons and get pregnant, while others have to severely cut back on all activity. I know we've talked about this before, there is no textbook answer for everyone.

Fingers crossed that this nausea goes away soon. Last time it took until 20 weeks. I don't want to wait that long! Thanks for the well wishes. Hope you have an awesome day, my friend.

Good morning Lisa,

Nice work on Low Impact Challenge!

You’re probably right about Cathe Live during pregnancy – better to wait until after, since you want to know what you’re getting into when you begin a workout. Honestly, I’d probably do the Live videos more if I had a more detailed description of each workout (rep range or intensity level or whatever) – I just like to plan in advance and knowing only that something is ‘upper body’ often isn’t really enough to go on…

Agreed about Tracy Anderson – not a fan. Frankly, she really annoys me, and it’s hard for me to get past that.

We conceived DD about 6 months after the miscarriage. I don’t really feel sad about it now since we have our amazing daughter, but that was a hard time – not knowing if/how/when it would happen, etc.
Yeah, I really wish I knew more about what makes my body tick, fertility-wise. The one thing I’m pretty sure about is that below a certain body fat level, it shuts down. And I think for me it’s really more body fat than exercise. (Right now I’m definitely above that body fat level – though it’s hard to be certain because I’ve got more muscle so weight isn’t a good metric.) My OB says it’s a question of body fat and I can go ahead and continue exercise at an intense level because I’ve got enough fat – but I guess you never know.

On a similar note, I may see how I feel just easing up for a couple weeks when I move onto LIS. I do want to finish this GS rotation as I set it (only a week left, really), but I may do a couple weeks of slightly shorter, a little less intense workouts w/ LIS. Maybe just 5 days/week. (These are actually tough goals for me, as I so enjoy my daily workout time.) Also, I need to work on my sleep game!

Here’s hoping your nausea lifts soon. Do you have any specific food aversions? (You don’t have to reply if it grosses you out to even think about it. ;) )

Today I did the first three X10 segments (Step, Low Impact, and Hi/Lo) – then DD woke up so I stopped. (Nice timing, baby! ;) I told myself I’d continue until she awoke, and I had just begun to feel pretty maxed out.)

Tomorrow is her birthday so I’ll probably bake a cake tonight – not sure what, yet! We’re going to have a little party with our families and a few friends.

Have a great weekend,

Happy birthday to your little sweetie! First bday parties are so fun! You'll have to let me know how it goes and how your cake turns out! What a milestone for your family!

I'm glad that your wait after the miscarriage was "only" 6 months, although 6 months can feel SO long. I can relate to the frustration of wondering "is this ever going to happen? when will this be over?" so on, and so forth. I hope you do not have to go through that again when you decide to start trying for #2. But, yes, I do think that body fat is a strong driver in fertility/infertility. Exercise levels seem to be more of a wildcard.

I'm excited for you to round out your GS routine. I think Cathe might have prepared a 5 day/week LIS rotation if that's what you end up doing. I totally get the hesitance to reduce your workout time. I get such a buzz from that daily me time as well. And, there every really enough sleep? A few years ago, getting enough sleep was actually my New Year's resolution. Sad to say it didn't turn out so well, LOL!

Way to rock out X10, or I guess you made your own version of X30! Those workouts are no joke. Today was another circuit workout for me, called Total Body Target 60 by Stephanie Vitorino. I've had this DVD for a while and pull it out every now and again. It has an enjoyable mix of light cardio and upper + lower body toning.

Tomorrow is my rest day so I will be back on Monday. Take care and enjoy that big birthday bash! :)


ETA: Okay, I'm not crazy! Here's the link to the 5 and 6 day LIS rotations I mentioned that Cathe put together. LIS Rotations
Hi Lisa,

Quick check-in, as I’m trying to get the house ready for today’s festivities!

Nice job on yesterday's workout!
Thanks so much for the link to those rotations – I’ll use something from that for my two weeks of LIS! Or perhaps I’ll just do whatever I feel like on a given day (with the option to do nothing/sleep in). I’m not worried about ceasing to work out or getting too little exercise so that might be good for me. Plus the second week will be the week of Thanksgiving so it will be good to give myself the gift of a little flexibility. ;)

I did Maximum Intensity Strength for total body day today. First time. I enjoyed it! I wanted a little change from STS TB, much as I love it.

Tomorrow’s off, so ‘see’ you Tuesday—

Enjoy your day off!

MIS is a good one. I like to do that one on days when I'm dreading the leg portion of a total body workout because you hit the legs at the beginning and then you're done! I can't remember...have you done Muscle Max yet? That's my very favorite Cathe total body. I've probably already told you that. Sorry, pregnancy brain.

Today I did KCM's Your Best Body today. In this one, she moves from UB, to LB, to core. I love having the core moves mixed into the workout itself. RWH is going to have several premixes where abs are thrown into the middle of the workout, and I think those will probably be my favorite premixes!

Give me details on the birthday celebrations! My DD's third bday is at the end of this month. Thankfully all the shopping is done. I think we are going to do dinner + cake with her aunt/uncle/cousins.

I realized I forgot to answer your question about my nausea and food cravings. Mostly it's food aversions, especially to the foods that are normally staples in my diet--chicken, whole milk plain greek yogurt, cheese, oatmeal, apples, etc. Also, I usually love heavily spiced foods, but I want to puke every time I open up our spice cabinet. I have to hold my breath. The only spices I can handle are pepper and salt...lots of salt. I never add salt to my food, but the past few weeks the saltier the better. It's probably OK since my blood pressure is chronically low. Also, most sweets are out of the question. I've been doing OK with veggies, though, so I'm thankful for that. I just keep wondering...when will my stomach feel normal again? Ha!

Happy rest day!

Hi Lisa,
I have done Muscle Max but not for a while -- maybe I'll have to do it for my total body day this Sunday!

This morning was GS Chest/Tris and Shock Cardio HiiT 40/20. I could do more pushups today, and was able to up my weight a little on some exercises, keeping my form and maintaining or increasing the reps I was able to do. It was a great feeling, but honestly, I'm glad this is my last week of this rotation. I need a little variety! I opted to postpone Legs till tomorrow -- still feeling a little stiff from MIS. I would have appreciated a heads-up from Cathe that we were about to do 80 barbell squats, some with holds, in quick succession -- I might have been a little more conservative in choosing my barbell weight! ;)

Nice work on your KCM workout! I don't have any of her DVDs but would like to try them. However, I feel like I still have so much Cathe to work with (On Demand, Live, and RWH coming), so it's hard to justify buying any DVDs. I would like one with some flexibility work (other than Cathe yoga), though...

The birthday celebration was great! I made a carrot cake (no nuts/raisins/chokables) with cream cheese frosting and homemade pizza. So fun! It was great to celebrate with family and have everyone together. I can't believe how big she is... and I can't believe that it was a year ago she was born (seems like forever and also like it was just yesterday).

Do you have any plans for your DD's birthday? Wow -- 3! That's a big girl ;)

I hope those aversions pass soon -- they're the worst! I remember the feeling of holding my breath when smelling certain foods. :eek:

By the way, what time of day do you workout? I am thinking of fidgeting with my schedule a bit. I'm a morning workout gal, but am thinking I might sleep better if I move my workouts (or at least my weight work) to evenings...
Happy Tuesday,
You amaze me! How can you do 40/20 when your legs are fried? I feel like the HiiTs are leg workouts unto themselves! Way to go today. Rotations can be great but sometimes it is nice to know you're at the end. Totally get that.

So many DVDs, so little time. Once you've worked your way through the Cathe goodies, perhaps you can justify sampling a KCM workout or two. :) As far as stretching, I have very little patience for yoga and stretch workouts so I am of no help in that area!

Your cake sounds yummy--cream cheese frosting is my favorite--and there's something so delicious about homemade pizza. Especially the dough! We're pretty much going to do the identical thing for my daughter's 3rd bday: homemade cake (strawberry at her request) + pizza with family. One of the most accurate quotes on motherhood I ever heard is: "The days go slow but the years go fast." So true, especially in that newborn sleep-deprived phase.

I workout in the morning. Funny you asked because I was going to ask you the same thing! If I don't get it done first thing then other stuff seems to get in the way. Plus I dread showering, getting ready only to know that I will be working out and sweating later. Maybe that's a little OCD of me, but it's a factor! On Saturday I workout at around 9am, but on the weekdays it is anywhere between 5 and 7am. Today I went to the gym for the elliptical (speed intervals) and so my workout started at 5am. I think I'm on an elliptical kick. Feels good during pregnancy I guess.

Is it a holiday for you or your significant other today? My husband does not get the holiday so it will just be a regular day for us, although I am grateful for the US veterans who have served and are serving!

Hi Lisa,
I'm glad the elliptical is working well for you in pregnancy!
I really have a hard time pushing myself to work out with any intensity on the elliptical. I just count the minutes!

My legs definitely feel the HiiT stuff, but I think since the intervals in 40/20 are a little longer, some of the moves are a little kinder on the quads than, say Tabatacize. I hadn't done that one in a while and enjoyed it!

This morning I did (my last! -- for now) GS Legs. I won't miss those hamstring roll-outs on the ball. But I seriously noticed better form and increased body awareness during the standing portion, which is great. I also increased my barbell weight for squats. So that's a good feeling. I'd love to get a squat rack or heavy weighted vest someday, but I think I have enough to work with at this point. I also did XTrain Core #1 -- I really like the XTrain core workouts.

I hear you about morning workouts. The big thing for me is... I feel like working out in the morning. I don't usually feel like working out in the evening.

My husband did have yesterday off, so that was great. I'm glad DD was born on a holiday!

And so true about slow days/fast years! Also reminds me, you've probably already seen this, but it always cracks me up:
Your quote made me think of the caption, 'The days are long, the years are short, the laundry is forever.'
I'll never understand how one tiny person can increase our family laundry frequency tenfold...

Is your daughter's birthday before or after Thanksgiving?
Hope you're feeling well,

Congrats on heading into your final GS rotation workouts! Sounds like you are ready to say a temporary "bye bye" to GS Legs. ;) I agree that the XTrain core workouts are amongst the best.

We both did legs today! While you increased your weights, I decreased mine, LOL. I did LIS Lower Body Trisets using 12, 15, 20s, and since that workout is only 38 mins I added the standing portion and stretch from Tracey Staehle's Glute Camp to make the workout 1 full hour. Tomorrow will be upper body of some sort, and Friday will be cardio. That's the plan, at least for now.

Glad you all had the day off to celebrate the bday. My daughter's bday is Nov 29, so it will always fall after Thanksgiving and my husband will always be able to have the day off, yay! This year it is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Holy cow I loved those pictures + captions. I have not seen that before so thank you for sharing. So many wacky things that really are universal to parenting!

Officially in the second trimester as of today. 14 weeks! Hopefully at some point I will get to enjoy the alleged bliss associated with the second trimester before the third trimester hits. :)

Have a wonderful day. Talk tomorrow.


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