Newbie seeks help choosing workout series


Hello everyone! I'm an intermediate athlete, hoping to burn calories while retaining muscle and ultimately losing a couple pant sizes. I subscribed to OnDemand.
Which workout rotations/series best suits these goals?
The HiiT or circuit series, then follow with STS? Are they interchangeable?
I'm 52, and really want to avoid losing lean muscle, but I do need to lose a size or two.
Any suggestions appreciated!


Hey there!

I’m intermediate, too (coming back after a few years off having four babies back to back). I LOVE the both the LITE and ICE series. They are OnDemand and specifically made for intermediate exercisers. Now: ”intermediate” does not mean “easy”! You WILL sweat. But some workouts are easier than others.

For cardio, all the moves are low impact, high intensity. For weights, all the weight ranges are on the lower end. Again, not “easy”! Just “intermediate”. I’m pretty strong so I have adjusted my weights here and there on some of the upper body workouts so I can go heavier. Conversely, on the lower body workouts, I could not use any weight other than my body weight when I began. Lower body is challenging, cardio-wise. I’m squeaking up to being able to do the lower body workouts as modeled now, but it’s taken about two months to get there.

In the app, go to the bottom right hand corner and tap the “rotations” icon. Select “Workout rotations” and then “Lite”. It should give you an option to choose a “LITE and Ice rotation”. You’re all set. (You can use the workout manager calendar functions to put it in your monthly calendar here on workout manager, too.)


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