Newbie needs help choosing workouts


Hello everyone! I'm an intermediate athlete, hoping to burn calories while retaining muscle and ultimately losing a couple pant sizes. Then I'll try to build muscle. I subscribed to OnDemand.
Which workout rotations best suit these goals?
The HiiT or circuit series, then follow with STS? Are they interchangeable?
I'm 52, and really want to avoid losing lean muscle, but I do need to lose a size or two.
Any suggestions appreciated!

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My favorite is the XTRAIN 1 month rotation. But now I'm going to start the XTRAIN and RWH mixed rotation. I love the cardio and weight work in both so much. Best of luck. Don't forget you can make you own workouts too with the blender. I love to do that esp. for cardio workouts.


STS is a unique program taking you through 3 cycles. It’s unlike any other program. I find it foundational. I’d recommend it as a wonderful way to change your body. It’s a 3 ½ month rotation with longer options. You will learn a lot about weight lifting and muscles throughout. Also, you will do so many different exercises you will know what you like best. Start with one rep max tests, they are very important. Overdoing weights is not what you want. Knowing the right weight is key. Add cardio. I like one HIIT, a kickboxing and a step workout each week. For weight loss, find a healthy eating plan. Personally, I don’t lose weight unless I am watching what I eat. I don’t have streaming services so you have more options than I.

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