New workouts won't import


Out of the 8 downloads only Lower Body Blast Leg Drills will import into the workout blender. The downloads seem to be fine while viewing.


I've had no problems with the WB until now. I've imported, created, watched, burned etc. etc. etc.
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WB and The new Workouts.

We've already posted that the new workouts will not work in the current WB, so this is expected. Here is what we previously have said about this:

*Because of the new widescreen format and higher resolution, plus a recent change to the ffmpeg codec we use, these new downloads will not currently work in our Workout Blender, but will in a future update. They should work fine in iTunes, QuickTime, any non-legacy iPod, iPhones,iPads and like devices just as our other downloads do. Because of the higher resolution we are no longer supporting legacy 5G ipods that were last made in 2006 (not to be confused with 5th generation iPod Nano’s which are supported). Make sure to hang on to your downloads links in case we need to make changes to any of the new workout files to make them work with the Workout Blender. If this becomes necessary you will need to re-download an updated file*
I missed it too and just posted this same issue in the Bug Tracker Forum.

I am *very* confused as to where to post issues like this.
I had an issue where a workout wouldn't load to the blender, posted it in this forum (the WB support forum) and was told to post in the bug tracker forum.

So with my newest issue that's what I did.

So, where are we supposed to post? It seems like there is a lot of overlap of the forums' purposes and I don't have time to read all the threads. Is there one comprehensive thread keeping trrack?

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